Clean the ecological door skills have?

by:Runcheng Chuangzhan     2020-07-02

to maintain the ecological and prolong the service life of the surface gloss of the door, to maintain the ecological door needs regular maintenance and cleaning, the wooden door manufacturer to share clean ecological door skills have?

1 try, wipe with a soft cloth. Ecological door have fingerprints and other less serious stains on the surface, you can try try with a soft cloth to wipe, economic and convenient and practical.

2, with professional cleaning detergents or something else. If ecological smear is too heavy, it is hard to try to wipe off with a soft cloth, can use neuter cleaner, toothpaste or furniture special cleaner ( Sell ecological door or wood furniture that has) , after the successful decontamination, should use a clean soft cloth to wipe clean, so as to avoid pollution again. If you are using a wet cloth to wipe, reoccupy does cloth to the above is the best water wipe clean. Note: the water soaked in neutral reagents or cloth don't place too much time on the ecological door surface, otherwise it will damage the surface, the surface veneer material change color or splitting.

3, use a vacuum cleaner. This is mainly aimed at ecological dust above the door, especially ecological some corner location on the door, with a vacuum cleaner to clean thoroughly note: when using the hair dryer, suggest don't open a hot file wind for a long time on the ecological blowing somewhere too close the door, so we can make the part of the blow dry and off the paint cracking

4, use hair dryer. Hair dryer can try blowing tiny, soft cloth to wipe, at the same time, with clear ecological door the label above is more perfect.

5, first wash with cleaning fluid. If no effect is washed 3 yuan a bottle of rosin. Where has selling paint. Of course, if the ecological use year already a long time, again how all wash not clean, painter is advised to lay the paint again.

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