Color matching of wooden doors and furniture

by:Runcheng Chuangzhan     2020-02-25
Many people may consider the interior layout and decoration when decorating, ignoring the choice of room doors. As the facade of a family, the door plays a great role in our home life. It ensures the safety of our own small world, at the same time, wooden doors are also part of our home design. The color matching of wooden doors should be integrated with the home environment. The following wooden door manufacturers will introduce how wooden doors should be selected. 1, the wooden door should be close to the color of the furniture, should be consistent with the window cover dumb as far as possible ( Many of the current sets of doors have matching window covers with dumb openings, skirting boards and guards), The same wall color should have corresponding contrast. For example, use a white wooden door mixed with oil to make the wall paint colorful. Only in this way can the room have a sense of hierarchy, not too 'flat' but also make the room feel particularly fresh. 2. When the living room environment is warm, you can choose a warmer color system relative to the wooden door, such as cherry wood, teak, and sapride. When the living room environment is cold color, we should choose a lighter wooden door, such as mixed oil White, Birch, etc. 3. For large or sunny rooms, you can choose deeper black walnuts, which can create a more stable atmosphere. The color itself is beautiful and there is nothing wrong with it. It's all about distribution and coordination. If you are really not sure about the idea, you should choose white, which is the color that does not make simple mistakes. The above is the relevant information about the selection of wooden doors compiled by Runcheng. In addition to cooperating with the home environment, the quality and material of wooden doors are also very important. When buying wooden doors, everyone must make a good strategy and choose the right wooden door products.
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