Common problems of custom wooden doors

by:Runcheng Chuangzhan     2020-01-22

1. Customize wooden door -Size error

1. When measuring the size of the door opening, there is an error: the measurement is not accurate or the wall will be tiled, and the floor will be paved with stone or floor;

2. Knowing the size of the hole, there is an error in calculating the size of the door leaf;

An error occurred while making the order;

II. Custom Wooden door-Wooden door deformation

1. Product deformation caused by the expansion of wood or paint due to the influence of climate;

2. Product deformation caused by high moisture content of wood;

3. ) Product problems caused by long-term exposure to the sun;

iii. Custom Wooden door-Wooden door color difference

1. Generally, chromatic aberration mainly occurs on both sides of the door leaf and the Edge, the door frame and the door leaf and the pool board, solid wood line and veneer, carved plate and veneer, etc. and the Swatch color difference does not match;

2. There is a color difference between the replenishment product and the order product.

IV. Custom Wooden door-Wooden door transportation

1. In the logistics process, there is damage

wooden door customization

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