Commonly used solid wood composite door of the lacquer that bake to what material?

by:Runcheng Chuangzhan     2020-08-16

solid wood composite door according to the material, process and purpose of the lacquer that bake can be divided into many types. According to different style, different types can be divided into the following wooden door factory take you know the solid wood composite door commonly used of the lacquer that bake to what material?

sand Billy: scientific name tubular African neem, commonly known as the phantom wood, sand Billy. Native to tropical Africa. Wood properties: wood crisscross, sometimes have wavy grain, sawing method in the four processing of wood texture formed unique fish oval black stripes; Sapwood pale yellow, heartwood pink or dark brown; Degree of loose medium; High gloss; The new plane has rosin fragrance; Fine texture, uniform; Weight, hardness, bending strength, compressive strength and seismic performance, corrosion resistance and durability of medium; High strength, drying shrinkage; Toughness is low, easy processing, adhesive, paint, chromatic performance is good; Suitable for senior rotary cut veneer, plywood, furniture, floor, etc. Sand Billy, with its good adaptability to the environment, without special climate limitation, texture with flashing lights and stereo sense is give a person the sense with showily elegance, with reddish brown color rendering to decorate place festival, warm atmosphere. Is one of today's fashion solid wood composite door of the lacquer that bake.

flower pear, red sandalwood, commonly known as pear flowers, native to South America, Burma, Vietnam, Laos and other regions. Wood features: has the gloss, texture staggered; Uniform structure of medium; Texture, high strength; Dry shrink; Easy processing, plane surface is smooth, paint and adhesive performance good; Decay resistance, easy to dry, no defects. Suitable for senior furniture and interior decoration. Enduring rosewood in deep red, high hardness, high strength, wood grain with a plume of move feeling, give a person with gorgeous, noble impression, is really the ultimate choice of wood composite door of the lacquer that bake. Scientific name:

teak teak, commonly known as rouge wood, Thai pomelo native to southeast Asia, Burma, Vietnam, Laos, etc) 。 Wood characteristics: with a golden luster, with a leather smell, have oily feeling; Structure is slightly thick; Weight and hardness is moderate; Dry shrink; Easy processing, edge smooth; Paint and adhesive performance is good; Good drying performance, corrosion resistance. Suitable for high-grade furniture, floor and indoor decoration. Teak for its precious identity and golden luster and get of broad consumer love, give a person the sense with luxury and noble, is really fine material of wood composite door of the lacquer that bake. Scientific name black mahogany monkey fruit, the common name for the red cherry, peach. Native to tropical west Africa and the United States. Wood characteristics: strong luster, straight texture, fine texture, uniform; Weight and moderate hardness, high strength; Drying shrinkage rate of medium; Rotary cutting, plane cutting, adhesive performance is good; Very resistant to corrosion, and the termite resistance; Dry slow, less defect, suitable for plane veneer, furniture, floor and manufacturing precision instruments. Cherry wood sapwood ranged from white to pink, brown; Wood grain is beautiful, woodiness is exquisite, give a person the sense with showily and elegant, is one of today's fashion solid wood composite door material of the lacquer that bake.

black walnut: scientific name black walnuts, which are found in the southeastern United States and Canada. Wood characteristics: have burnish, with slight special smell, direct, or texture. Structure is coarse and uniform; Polishing performance good; Decay resistance, dry slowly. Suitable for senior furniture, rotary cut veneer, plywood, indoor decoration. Black walnut, with its extremely is famous for its good strength and seismic performance, and has good resistance to water vapor bending properties, is one of the solid wood composite painting door selection of fashion. Scientific name

ju wood, beech, the common name for the ju, beech, red ju, white ju, native to Europe. Wood characteristics: have burnish, straight texture, fine texture and uniform; The weight of medium; Drying shrinkage rate is moderate; Easy processing, edge smooth; Bonding, dyeing, polishing, bending performance good; Moderate drying speed, but not be able to bear or endure corrupt. Suitable for veneers, rotary cut veneer, plywood, furniture, floor, indoor decoration. Originated in Europe is known as the 'mother of the forest of ju wood, with a white sapwood, core material the pale red, texture or direct or alternating, strewn at random have send, very interesting.

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