Compound wood material have?

by:Runcheng Chuangzhan     2020-08-20

composite wood door is the modern family is decorated commonly used a door, it's material is also very much, the composite wood door manufacturer to you talk about what are the material of wooden door?

1, sawn timber,

wood sawing machine processing, log is sawed into certain section size ( Width and thickness) Wood called sawing wood.

2, integrated timber,

use plank or small wood square according to the direction of the wood fiber parallel, in the direction of thickness, width and length of agglutination and wood products.

3, plywood,

call plywood again, have after processed into thin veneer, wood drying glue pressure and become

4, particieboard

with the trail wood, brushwood, and wood processing residue as raw material, cut into shavings, after drying, glue, shop, hot pressing and sanding made of a kind of man-made board.

5, medium density fiberboard (MDF)

with plant fiber as the main raw material, through fiber separation, processing, forming and hot-pressing process manufactured products.

6, wood veneer, wood and veneer

after cooking log wood veneer, plane cutting out, market routine wood veneer thickness is 0. 3 to 0. 6 mm

generally divided into wood texture, grain, straight grain, grain, grain, etc.

7, decorative panel

plywood, MDF, pb surface or wood veneer, melamine or PVC coated, hot pressing and decorative board.

8, pine, miscellaneous wood

pine, used for all kinds of the core material of compound wooden door, is veneered wood products with the most material, it belongs to light qualitative material, stable character.

miscellaneous wood, used as a door cover board, now basically is to use miscellaneous wood material saving, the main advantage is dense, the stress is not easy to deformation, can bear larger weight

door leaf, the power that grasp a hammer etc.

need huge investment, so it is important to shop with caution.
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