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by:Runcheng Chuangzhan     2019-10-01
From the Ocean Villas of Brentwood Bay resort and the Brentwood Bay Cottage and Spa adjacent to the resort, the HandoutThe ocean villas of Brentwood Bay resort are different and more modern in appearance.
The huge Douglas Post and the beam anchored three.
This is a multi-storey building covered with cedar wall panels.
Dan Behune, a Vancouver Island developer, seems to be a smart man.
Or he\'s just lucky.
Think about it first, he was able to find a sell West
Facing the waterfront property on the Saanich Peninsula, when he went to build a new hotel in 2001, he already had a bar license and a commercial partition.
Any of these elements is desirable;
It is almost impossible to find all of these.
Next, consider when Behune is building something that will be an award --
The provincial government approved the Brentwood Bay Hotel and Spa
The owner opens a private liquor store. Bingo!
Another window of opportunity, though short-only about four months-but a Behune would be happy to catch: open a shop in Brentwood Bay featuring local wines.
Next, imagine: just as his cottage established the reputation of a luxury resort, the property next door became available.
Since Behune and his two partners already have a dock in front of them, this is the perfect place to build some apartments and expand their holdings.
It was 2008 when they started doing business.
The construction market is still booming, but the recession is just around the corner.
If you think the good luck of Behune may be over, think about it.
Behune did not advance the project when construction costs peaked, but retreated in a downturn in the market and sat down.
He broke ground in last September when the construction company was once again eager to work. The result?
Six beachfront apartments that will meet the green of LEED\'s home-
To the standard of gold and even platinum.
The price per piece is $400,000 lower than originally estimated. Would-
Buyers may not care if Behune is smart or lucky. or both.
It is important not to pay between $1. 4 and $1.
Two people 8 millionbedroom-plus-
At den apartment at the entrance to Saanich, you can buy one for $900,000 to $1. 4 million.
In other words, the previous starting price is now the highest.
The design of the Ocean House is similar to that of the Brentwood Bay Lodge and Spa.
Ron Lea of Folio, the architect who designed the cottage, also designed the villa. (
In 2005, the Cedar Glass Cottage and spa at Brentwood Bay won the Vancouver Island award for best commercial architecture. )
Although similar to the cottage and connected to the pier via Boardwalk, the villa is different and looks more modern.
Huge Douglas fir pillars and beams support three floors
This is a building made of cedar.
Each condo overlooks the entrance to Sanic with a view of the Malahat mountains in the distance.
You can watch the sun from your 200-square-
Foot deck or-in a worse summer-from 12-
Sliding glass door with feet. A double-
On cool days, the side fireplace will also warm up the outside while making the interior comfortable in the winter.
The apartment inside is spacious and bright-
Full of natural material and color of dirt.
The kitchen and the \"big room\" have natural quartersawn wide board oak floors.
The cabinets are natural white oak with solid quartz rock countertops on top.
According to Behune, Both bedrooms have separate bathrooms, but the main bathroom of each unit is \"absolutely amazing \".
They have a deep soaking tub and a pair. sized walk-
Full shower
Plane and floor-to-
Looking at the ceiling windows of the sea.
For Sandy Nygaard, interior designer at Nygaard interior design, this is the \"incredible window wall\" seen from the main living area, which is the highlight of each apartment.
Nygaard, who also does interior design at Brentwood Bay Cottage and spa, added, \"simplicity of mills and other interior details such as concrete
Don\'t take it from the fireplace.
In order to get the LEED Gold Medal rating, Behune and his team followed the details such as doors and windows and chose Pella solid wood energyst-
Rated insulated doors and windows using \"low E\" ar gas can reduce UV rays of up to 70.
Hardwood floors are made of certified sustainable wood.
In addition, all interior paint, adhesive and wood finish meet the LEED standard as they are lowVOC (
Volatile organic compounds.
All major appliances are top notchof-the-
Rated by Jenn Air \"EnergyStar\", energy efficient lighting, low bathroom
Faucet fixing device.
The final \"green\" Touch is the roof of the parking garage, which is actually green with native plants.
When it comes to parking, each unit has its own unit --
Parking, and outdoor parking.
Owners on the upper and lower floors of the main building can enter their home by stairs or elevators.
There is no doubt that a large part of the attraction for potential owners is the dock, not only within walking distance, but also within sight, which is possible to tie a ship.
Behune was recently approved by B. C.
The city government will expand his foreshore lease, so each apartment has rooms in addition to the payslips for hotel guests arriving by boat --
The owner of the ship.
The ticket is not included in the purchase price, so if the buyer does not have the ship, they will not pay for the space.
\"We will make it flexible and pay when you play and if you want to have a boat here we will let you set it to whatever size you want, behune said he added that six 70-foot boats.
\"Those who do not have a boat will be able to join the\" Paddle Club \"at the pier for a small fee \".
\"We have kayaks, canoes and padd boards, a variety of water toys, and we will have them in touch with all of them,\" Behune said . \".
The owner also has free access to the onsite fitness club and can pay an annual fee for the use of an outdoor pool and hot tub to join the spa.
You may think that the cost of an apartment per month in a place with so many amenities will be high, but the $350 per month is relatively low.
\"It\'s amazing for millions of peopledollar-
Plus the apartment, the cost of the apartment is so low, \"admits Behune, who says it is because there are very few public areas, small Views and additional facilities, such as the pool, which is taken care of by the hotel.
Behune and his partner did not do pre-
Sales, confident to sell once you see the apartment.
One of the six was purchased by a retired Calgary couple a few weeks before they went public.
Suzanne Moffett is a freelance writer and colleague
Author of \"everything in Vancouver Island.
Fact box project name: Marine Villa location of Brentwood Bay Resort: Located on the waterfront of the quaint seaside village of Brentwood Bay, in the heart of the town of Victoria wine on the sanitage peninsula.
Just 10 minutes from Victoria International Airport and 20 minutes from downtown Victoria.
Project Area/scope: 11,000 square feet consisting of six luxury private beachfront apartments close to five apartmentsstar award-
Award-winning resort and spa at Brentwood Bay Resort & Spa.
About 1,900 square feet per unit with two bedrooms and a study, west-
Facing the waterfront, direct access to the Brentwood Bay pier.
Price: $899,000-$1,399,000 monthly class fee: $350/month250-415-1875E-
Email: dbehune @ Brentwood resort @.
Canadatelphone, international real estate: 1-Jim LeBlanc250-812-7212E-
Postage: jleblanc @ sothebysrealty. Ca website: www. oceanvillas. ca or www.
Brentwood resort
Com Developer: Brentwood Bay Resort
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