connecting nature to design

by:Runcheng Chuangzhan     2019-08-08
Regardless of the interior space, it is a ubiquitous connection, connected to the vibrant outdoor lush green and ubiquitous water body, and the visual link is so seamless that it evokes a true dwelling in
This is the shaping of the space, the strong performance of the arts and crafts is displayed inside, the traditional style is cleverly interpreted, integrated into the contemporary environment, while supplementing the green vision.
This is a game of design masters, each piece is shaped into nature in the most natural way. For Ahmedabad-
Helen Patel, the architect of Helen Patel Architects, believes that the landscape is part of the building and there is no difference from it.
This belief is so strong that he is motivated to learn the nuances of landscape design.
\"When I realized that when the same person was dealing with these three issues, the language of space was best expressed and the landscape attempt began,\" he said . \".
His interior design reflects a sense of detail and a strong sensitivity.
Does this mean that all of his designs have to provide this iconic style that is ubiquitous both indoors and outdoors?
\"I don\'t believe in signature style because each project has its own unique needs.
The right design needs to balance creativity with what is possible and needed.
What is important is the sensitivity and permanence of the design, and space will still be appreciated and used in the years to come.
\"The transformation in the design style of the hopapatel model took place after he designed a model Villa for a real estate project.
\"The model house includes a courtyard connected to the garden.
This provides an open design for private residences, where such a courtyard can be introduced and a seamless connection to the garden space.
In his project \"Axis House\", Patel seamlessly integrated the twoheight-
Huge landscape volume Center space with its exposed concrete walls.
Large windows have become live photo frames that capture the interior landscape as a live wall decoration feature.
\"By the way, this residence is located in a busy urban space but gives a feeling of vacation,\" Patel said with a smile . \".
The two segmentsHis project \"frill house\" divides the residence into two parts, one for summer and the other for winter.
Compared to the summer section, the winter section includes a larger courtyard, the summer section is narrower, there is a smaller opening on the top, the bottom is wider, allowing light to penetrate, but there are also shadows to cast.
The garden is also divided into two parts. the vegetation is planted in the North-
House on the West Side summer gardens bring cool night shadows while on the South
The east side was designed to cope with winter.
His \"village house\" project formed a spacious farm house based on the village environment.
Patel brings elements of the structure of the temple in South India, with a special feature in addition to the river bed, roof structure and vast flower beds.
A large cantilever roof structure of the entrance porch simulates the large prominence of the village house, while the inward sloping roof creates a central courtyard.
The house also includes several separate buildings, symbolizing the cluster roof of the village.
Needless to say, indoor and outdoor connections exist and are everywhere.
Love of heritage if seamless connection is an integral part of Patel\'s design, so is his love of heritage and art, which is fully demonstrated in his restaurant project \"650.
The ruins of our old temple are the inspiration for the design here, and the entrance is a magnificent temple door and stone column.
Step wells, floral stone fountains, arches mark the road to the restaurant, with its interior equally stunning on stone details and magnificent, antique carved wooden doors and pillars, the exquisite wooden ceiling brings one era back to another.
However, to cater to functional needs and current lifestyle expectations, these spaces are intelligently managed to fit into a comfortable contemporary style.
In his project \"frangipani\", similar integration of heritage with the contemporary environment is evident.
In the vast gardens, the traditional metal grain jars, stone carvings and charming stone-wood seating corners have the upper hand, inviting residents to relax and immerse themselves in the green.
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