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by:Runcheng Chuangzhan     2019-09-21
Replacement of wooden openings by Railex project Co. , Ltd-
Front shelf for patient record of drawer cabinet system for latest design.
The design line system creates a serene and elegant environment for maximum efficiency and positive patient impact, and is also suitable to ensure that storage meets the requirements of the quality of care Committee (CQC).
Patient records are located at the back of the reception area, convenient for administrative staff, conveying a safe atmosphere and a modern image for visiting patients.
Thousands of sets of notes can be accommodated in three lockable track design line cabinets, which are specially configured to withstand weight due to double runners and steel internal dividers.
The cabinets at the top of each unit also have additional Universal storage space with double doors to store stationery and office products neatly.
Sizes and colors are available.
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