Count the paint selection in the paint process of the original wooden door

by:Runcheng Chuangzhan     2019-12-10
Paint is used as the post-processing technology of the original wooden door factory. Its advantages and disadvantages directly affect the final use effect and environmental protection performance. The types of paint are roughly divided into phenolic paint, alkyd paint, polyurethane paint, nitrocellulose paint, polyester paint (PE paint)And pu paint. Among them, phenolic paint and alkyd paint are basically eliminated in decoration due to poor paint film texture and adhesion. Nitrocellulose paint, polyester paint and Pu paint are widely used. Because the construction of nitrocellulose paint is relatively simple and suitable for manual operation, it is used by most hand-made decorations. The paint film is thin, the hand feeling is not good, and the effect is not ideal. The advantage of Pu paint is that it is easy to polish, and the processing process saves time and effort. The disadvantage is that the paint film is soft, and the slight bump is easy to produce white shadow dents. If at least one layer of paint is PE paint, this possibility will be greatly reduced. PE paint (Polyester paint) The advantage is that the paint film is hard, the hiding power is strong, the transparency is good, and the wood skin texture can be better expressed. The disadvantage is that it is difficult to Polish, the processing process is time-consuming and laborious, and most manufacturers are not willing to use PE coating. At present, 90% of the wooden doors on the market use polyester paint, and a few manufacturers use Pu paint. Generally speaking, polyester paint and Pu paint have to go through six processes, such as color finding, three bottoms and two sides, and some brands have increased curing and waxing processes. Due to cost ( Nitrocellulose paint 8 15 yuan/kg, polyester paint 18 28 yuan/kg, Pu paint 43 65 yuan/kg) , Processing methods and equipment problems, at present 90% of the wooden doors on the market use polyester paint, a few manufacturers use Pu paint. Generally speaking, polyester paint and Pu paint have to go through six processes, such as color finding, three bottoms and two sides, and some brands have increased curing and waxing processes. The choice of paint should pay attention to 8 physical properties PU open paint because the paint film is relatively thin, so many paint manufacturers and users do not pay attention to its physical properties, impact, hardness and flexibility. The paint film with good flexibility is not easy to crack after cold and hot circulation. Even if there is a slight collision, the paint is not easy to be damaged. On the contrary, the above problems are easy to occur. If you want to take into account the flexibility and impact resistance of open paint, you have to choose better materials. Some low-priced paint factories will choose some poor materials in order to pursue low cost, its paint performance naturally does not meet the requirements. Drying performance there are many processes for open products. For factories, the shorter the time between each process, the better, so the drying performance of paint is very important. For paint manufacturers, it is not difficult to improve the dryness of ordinary open paints, but for paints with yellowing resistance requirements, dryness is relatively difficult, especially for top-level yellowing-resistant open paints. Yellowing resistance for transparent color and black products, ordinary open paint can be selected, but for light color, natural color and white products, yellowing resistance products should be selected. For products with higher requirements, top yellowing resistant paint must be selected. At present, few manufacturers in the market do well in top yellowing resistant products, because it is difficult to achieve a balance between dryness and yellowing resistance. The transparency of the clarity transparent products is high, because the European and American style products pay special attention to the clarity of the wood texture, and the transparency of the paint is higher. The clarity mentioned here does not mean whether the primer contains powder or how much powder it contains, but refers to the compatibility of the raw materials of the paint itself. The products with poor compatibility are transparent in appearance, however, after the paint film is dry, the paint appears to be unclear. Permeable open paint requires the same paint film on the inside of the conduit and the surface of the wooden door, so the permeability and wettability of the paint determine the effect of the whole open board. If the wettability is poor, it is difficult for the catheter to flow into the paint during construction. The paint will appear around the catheter, which makes the catheter appear very thick and naturally cannot obtain satisfactory opening effect. The open paint with good construction performance should be constructed according to the normal general fully enclosed product spraying method. The spraying habits of the construction personnel do not need to be adjusted, and if there is rework, after rework, the hair should not be filled. Colorants commonly used in color essence, although more commonly used, may have the following problems if the color essence selected is incorrect: environmental protection (Whether the content of heavy metals exceeds the standard); Light resistance: the light resistance of each manufacturer's color products is different, and the light resistance of the same color is very different. Some colors are easy to decompose, which means that the original color will slowly disappear over time, and the color will become lighter and lighter. This is why some products will have more and more color difference with the standard board, so it is best to choose the regular paint manufacturers.
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