Craft wood door is the feature of what

by:Runcheng Chuangzhan     2020-08-02

craft wood door is very popular, have very good adornment effect, the wooden door manufacturer to tell you the characteristics of the craft wood door is what?

miscellaneous wood doors in addition to its material, less log color outside, other such as processing principle, modeling process and log color wooden door basically the same. Usually used for adornment to decorate concise, simple household. This kind of door USES the real wood frame, cover with maple, oak, teak, beech, northeast China ash. Characteristic is beautiful, not changeful form, the price is lower than log color wooden door. Its material USES log character, direct processing, craft quality is higher. Its characteristic is beautiful, elegant style, is out of shape not easily, the price is cheaper also. Other wood.

flat door has long history, its smooth fact, concise the sense that brings sureness to the person. Its characteristic is luxurious and beautiful, modelling is thick, price on the high side, changeful form.

door of ligneous metal grid, special odor and flavor with modern decoration, be like metallic model lines of dark look, the doorcase of log color, hazy glass, itself is a decorous, delicate artwork.

wood lies between bar glass door according to different USES of glass type, can be divided into: frosted glass pane door, the door of car edge glass, plate glass grid, coloured drawing or pattern glass door lattice door and so on. Its with material wood of teak, maple, northeast China ash, oak waits, its characteristic is easy clean, flowing, easy.

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