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Daily maintenance and collection of wooden doors

Daily maintenance and collection of wooden doors


In life, although we can't make life as exquisite as Shanghai women do, we should at least make life look decent, which is necessary for the maintenance of household objects in life. Today, Xiaobian tells everyone about the maintenance of wooden doors in daily life.

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The door must be installed on the wooden door (door touch)

In the daily opening and closing of the wooden door, if the force is too strong, the wooden door will easily hit the wall. If this is the case for a long time, the paint on the rear corners of the wooden door will fall and be damaged. Therefore, it is recommended that you install a door stopper for the wooden door. On the one hand, the door stopper can buffer the strength of the wooden door against the wall, and it protects the wooden door very well when the wooden door is opened. On the other hand, after the wooden door is opened, the door suction can fix the wooden door very well and prevent the wooden door from swinging back and forth by the wind, keeping the interior quiet.

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Cover the wooden door when painting the walls

In the case of home improvement or when there are other interiors in the house, the wooden door needs to be covered to prevent the paint from getting on the surface of the wooden door, which will cause the material of the door facade to peel off and fade. At the same time, paint or other colored products falling on the wooden door will cause difficulty in cleaning the wooden door.

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For hinged or solid wood doors, add a hinge

Generally, there are two hinges on the top of the wooden door, one on top and one on the bottom, but if the wooden door is heavier and has more opening and closing times, consider adding a hinge in the middle of the wooden door to increase the solidity of the wooden door.

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Keep the wooden door fully open or fully closed when idle

If ventilation is required, the wooden door should be fully opened and the back is fastened to the door suction, otherwise, it is best to close the wooden door instead of leaving the wooden door in a semi-open state for a long time. Because this semi-closed state will increase the pressure of the hinge, if the wooden door itself is too heavy, it will easily cause the door leaf to loosen and the wooden door will be deformed; at the same time, the wooden door is in a semi-closed state, if a sudden strong wind blows in, the wooden door will suddenly be Closed by gravity, or directly hit the wall, causing great damage to the wooden door.

Warm reminder: When you hear the abnormal sound of the hinge, you should fill the oil in time; when the door lock fails to open, you can add an appropriate amount of pencil core foam and other lubricants to the keyhole for lubrication.

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Sliding door needs to keep the pulley smooth

If it is a sliding door, it is necessary to keep the pulley smooth. The usual practice is to keep the sliding door groove of the sliding door free of debris, and perform regular cleaning and dust removal on a regular basis. Add lubricating oil to the sliding part of the pulley regularly (usually half a year) to ensure that the sliding door opens and closes smoothly and does not derail.

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