deadly shooting shakes lebanese city, culprit a \'lone wolf\'

by:Runcheng Chuangzhan     2019-08-13
On Tuesday, military police and forensic doctors dressed in white overalls were deployed in the northern Lebanese city of Tripoli, after a gunman shot wildly overnight and detonated himself in an apartment in a residential building, four security guards were killed.
On the eve of Eid al-Fitr, gunmen walked around on motorcycles and opened fire on police and army vehicles, a rare shooting that shocked coastal cities mainly Sunni Muslims.
Fitr holiday marks the end of Ramadan.
Interior Minister Raya Hassan told reporters that he had been identified as Abdel-
Rahman mabsouut, a former member of the Islamic State group, is now a lone wolf \".
She said the situation was under control.
Late on Monday, mabsouut first opened fire on a branch of the Central Bank of Lebanon, then drove around and opened fire on police, then fired on a military vehicle and killed four people.
The police chased, opened fire, used tear gas, and then drove to a residential building where he shot down the stairs at an empty apartment on the fourth floor and locked himself in. An hours-
After a long standoff, security forces stormed the apartment.
There was no way to go. mabsouut detonated his vest and committed suicide on the spot.
There were multiple signs of fighting on Tuesday.
At least four civilian cars and a police car were badly damaged, and the windshield was smashed and covered with holes.
Military Police and forensic officers removed bullets from the street.
Tear gas tanks are still on the ground. The nine-
The floor apartment building where mabsouut died was hit by a shell and the apartment itself was partially destroyed.
Mabsouut left a message on a mirror, apparently for the owner of the apartment.
\"Please forgive my Muslim Brother. . . . God willing.
I love you in God. I didn\'t mean it.
\"The owner of the apartment said he and his family were not in the house when the gunman rushed into the building, but his apartment was basically destroyed by the explosion.
He said the attacker entered his building after shooting and killing a man in the street.
\"Thankfully there was no one in the house, my door was not steel, it was wooden door, so I think he broke the door and came in, Kamal Ferrie told The Associated Press.
Mabsouut is a former member of the Islamic State group, which is fighting with the extremist movement in Syria.
He was detained on his return to Lebanon on 2016 and released one year later.
The attack in Eid al-Fitr on the eve of.
Fitr, the festival marks the end of the Muslim fasting month of Ramadan.
The Lebanese army earlier announced that it had strengthened security throughout the country because of the holiday people went out to celebrate.
TRIPOLI, Lebanon\'s second-largest city, has seen clashes between rival groups that support or oppose the Syrian president Bashar AL-ASSAD\'s government.
The city is also home to some extremists who used to fight the Lebanese army.
Islamic State and al-Qaida-
In the past few years, associated militants have claimed responsibility for attacks that have killed dozens of people in different parts of Lebanon.
Such attacks have rarely occurred recently. ———
Associated Press reporter Zeina Karam contributed to the report in Beirut.
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