Detailed introduction of wooden doors of various styles

by:Runcheng Chuangzhan     2020-01-28

1. Chinese style wooden door

mostly adopts dark color, mainly dark red, stressing symmetry, simplicity, simplicity and elegant style, rich in connotation, solemn and elegant. I like to use hardwood such as natural wood, and I like to carve it into Chinese-style theme in relief and nesting, which is smooth and stereoscopic.

2. Simple European style wooden door

has not only simple convenience and lightness, but also European elegance and dignity. The core of the simple European style is to delete the simple, leaving simple lines and geometric patterns, mainly in cold tones, mostly in ivory white.

3. European style wooden door

European style decoration emphasizes to achieve graceful and luxurious decoration effect with gorgeous decoration, strong colors and exquisite modeling. The expression is direct and unrestrained, unrestrained, emphasizing the maximum display of the atmosphere of luxury, thick and beautiful.

4. Modern minimalist style wooden doors

modern minimalist style is mostly suitable for modern white-collar workers, with simple design and color matching without losing fashion, simple and lively, focusing on the simple but not simple life sentiment, a new interpretation of the charm of refined, generous and smooth fashion.

5. Rustic style wooden door

The design of rustic style wooden door tends to be simple, and white or natural wood color is mostly adopted as a whole, the surface is decorated with simple lines or wireless strips. Many wooden doors directly use the natural texture of wood to make the home environment feel like returning to nature. Fence-type wooden doors can also be used.

6. American-style wooden door

American-style wooden door is simple and plain, comfortable and natural, without too much artificial decoration and restraint, inadvertently, it has also achieved another kind of casual romance, with exquisite and noble shapes, lines, carvings and colors, revealing an ancient and long-standing fragrance in an intriguing place.

7. Mediterranean style wooden door

typical representative of ocean style decoration, the design of arch and half arch is the typical feature of Mediterranean style, therefore, the colors of Mediterranean wooden doors are mostly blue or light blue, and their shapes are more delicate and unique.

8. Japanese-style wooden doors

Japanese-style wooden doors are mainly sliding doors, which can freely divide and expand the indoor space, it is also easy to keep warm or ventilate. In order to increase the privacy, the sliding door in the Japanese room will be equipped with thick paper or cloth on both sides of the wooden frame, and the wood color and white paper are the most concise.

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