Details to pay attention to when customizing wooden doors

by:Runcheng Chuangzhan     2020-02-02

1. Appearance should be elegant: solid wood doors brand doors and windows should have smooth and bright appearance paint film, no quality defects such as falling, bubbles, wrinkles, etc. , no corruption, death, and destruction; The wood used for the door and window cover should be in harmony with the wood and color of the door and window fan. The color difference between the veneer and the wood line should not be large, and the tree species should be similar.

2. Doors and windows should be square and cannot be warped and deformed. Doors and windows should be inserted into the door and window frame and conform to the door and window frame: if there are large loopholes in the door and window fan and the frame, the important thing is that the door and window frame are not perpendicular to the ground due to the fact that the door and window sash can be removed and repaired; If the door and window frame is not vertical, the gasket in the frame plate should be straightened.

3. The hinge should be in the correct position and placed firmly: If the hinge is not correct, it will lead to the inconsistency between the door and window fan and the frame cover, and the door and window switch is not smooth. Screw a screw on each hinge first, then adjust the compliance between the door and window fan and the frame, and then tighten all the screws after the mediation is correct. If the hinge screw is short, it will be nailed in when the screw is applied. If the screw is not screwed, the screw will be tilted. The city will cause the doors and windows to be fanned. The matching screws should be replaced. The screws must be straight. The screws should be nailed into 1/3 first and the others should be screwed in.

4. The door lock should be opened and locked smoothly, and the two departments locked on the door leaf and door frame should conform: if the lock is not in conformity, the door leaf switch will not be self-contained. The locking tongue plate should be removed, the tongue groove should be mended with a chisel, and the position of the locking tongue opening of the door frame should be adjusted before placement. In addition, the opening bias of the door should also meet the requirements.

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