difference between solid and engineered wood

by:Runcheng Chuangzhan     2019-10-01
Solid wood flooring and engineered wood flooring are different from each other in terms of the composition of individual planks.
Solid wood is ground from a piece of wood-it is cut into the size of the floor panel.
On the other hand, engineered wood flooring consists of two or more layers of wood that are combined under pressure to achieve the appropriate thickness and subsequently cut to the appropriate size.
Solid wood is made of a piece of wood.
Its most common thickness is between 18 and 20mm.
Solid wood flooring is durable and improves the look and value of your property.
They have a wide variety of board lengths, widths and finishes.
Also, to update the appearance of the floor, you can polish this type of floor many times.
Solid wood flooring has a variety of floor finishes: it can be painted, oily or unfinished.
In the case of solid wood, the most common contour is the tongueand-groove.
It is highly recommended that professionals with the required knowledge and experience install this type of floor.
Solid wood flooring is durable, comfortable and warm in general.
However, solid wood is not the right choice if you want to install the floor while heating under the floor.
There are a wide variety of maple trees, oak trees and walnuts on the solid wood floor.
If properly taken care of, high
Quality solid wood flooring that can last for a long time and mature over time.
Advantages and disadvantages of the two types of flooring engineering Wood Flooring varies in terms of durability and performance.
In this case, the top layer is as durable as solid wood.
However, engineering Wood has better protection and can be pre-processed.
Also, the edge of this board is oblique, so it looks great.
In terms of length and width, the engineering board is larger than the solid board.
In most cases, engineered wood can be installed more closely.
In addition, the cost of accessories is lower compared to solid wood installation.
However, despite several shortcomings, solid wood also has some considerable advantages, which is worth mentioning at this point.
Generally, solid wood is thicker than engineering flooring.
This makes it possible to polish the floor again to smooth the surface, which sometimes becomes uneven over time.
However, due to the thin floor, the engineering floor is not allowed to be heavily polished in the future.
Compared with engineering Wood, solid wood is also more affordable.
What is your choice?
Engineered wood flooring is more popular among homeowners for practical reasons.
It is easy to adapt to different conditions and is not affected by external factors-solid wood, for example, is not very suitable for the concrete bottom floor.
Your floor looks natural thanks to the engineered wood, and you can avoid all the defects that have problems.
Another benefit associated with the purchase of engineering flooring is that it is fast to install and costly
Effective, this cannot be said for solid wood flooring accessories.
However, if you want to install the floor at a height
In the traffic area, we strongly recommend you to choose solid wood because the solid wood panel is thicker and longerlasting.
You can polish and patch them if needed.
Please consult a professional if you have any questions.
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