Do not use this kind of plate to decorate wooden doors. After listening to the old woodworkers, you will know that there are many pits.

by:Runcheng Chuangzhan     2019-08-09

Keyword: Sturdy wooden door

Do not use this kind of plate to decorate wooden doors. After listening to the old woodworkers, you will know that there are many pits.

Do not use this kind of plate to decorate the wooden door. Listen to the old woodworker.

For the problem of home decoration, many friends think that the decoration is relatively simple, is it because you did not use the correct decoration method, or you have not renovated it at all? The average person will feel that the decoration is more troublesome. When decorating his house, he must consider it carefully. For example, the decoration of his home door, many friends will adopt the wooden type, and the wooden door is also loved by the public. He used the wooden door design method at home, which looks simple and simple, and is more high-end.

Of course, when we choose the door, we will also encounter various problems. These problems are very important to me. Today I will tell you about what we should pay attention to when installing wooden doors. Today, I specially consulted an old woodworker and asked him to give us the answer. The selection of wooden door panels is quite important. I know that there are many pits when I am wrong.

When you first install the door cover, you must pay attention to the size of the wooden door. For example, before we choose the wooden door, we must measure the door frame of our home in advance. Many friends feel that this method is simply insulting their IQ, but I can I am very clear to tell you that some people are so sloppy, so I should give you a key point here.

In addition, the choice of wooden door panels, there are many types of wooden door panels, the price of each type is different, common wood panels are particle board, fiberboard, solid wood panels, plywood and so on.

First of all, I highly recommend that you use particleboard and fiberboard. The price of particleboard is the cheapest. It is made by crushing and bonding wood chips. Although it is cheap, it is easy to get wet in the future. The tide is inflated, the skin is released, and so on, and it does not have the characteristics of fire prevention. Therefore, in general, everyone should not choose the wooden door of this board in order to save hundreds of pieces.

In addition, the fiberboard is the same. The fiberboard is actually made of plant fiber or wood fiber. It is far less rigid than other plates. If it is used as a door, it will be easy to be covered with scratches and looks beautiful. Great discounts, and China's fiberboard standards are still low, the quality is far from the practical, durable standards, we must pay attention to when buying.

So which kind of wood board is the most suitable for wooden doors? I suggest that you choose solid wood doors or wooden doors. The price of solid wood doors is the highest, but the hardness is the best, durable and not easy to get wet. The only drawback is that the price is higher, but it is most suitable for security doors. of. If it is a normal bedroom door, I suggest that you can choose a wooden door.

Finally, there is the problem of style. When we go to the market, we will find all kinds of wooden doors dazzled. What kind of wooden doors are suitable for our family? I don't know you! I would like to give you a more important suggestion. When we choose the wooden door, we can observe the house of our own house and decide according to the architectural style of our house.

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