Do these longevity and can make the wooden door!

by:Runcheng Chuangzhan     2020-08-23

wooden door has become common in the life of a door, wooden door manufacturer summarized the following these methods for everyone today, can make the wooden door, longevity and see it together.

1, in daily life, to keep the room ventilated smooth, maintain normal room temperature and humidity, especially in winter, try not to let the heating directly to the wooden door, prevent deformation of the heated. Because, humidity is too big or the temperature difference is too big, often easily appear out of shape, craze, wooden door lock accessories are also prone to rust and affect beautiful, fall off wood veneer material may also occur.

2, should be regularly use soft cloth to remove dust on the surface of the wooden door, if the inconvenience with a soft cloth to wipe, can also use a vacuum cleaner to remove dust from the door; For the difficult to wipe the surface of the stain, you need to use the special maintenance products of wooden door to deal with.

3, at ordinary times, opening and closing doors, all needs to open and closed gently, gently to avoid too hard or open Angle is too large and cause damage to the wooden door; At the same time, still need to avoid sharp objects knock against, cut wood, heavy items don't close to the door leaf or hanging on the door leaf;

4, soaked in neutral liquid water dishcloth or wet cloth, wooden door shoulds not be long time contact, prevention of wood surface facing material fade.

5, and don't regularly check hinges, locks and other hardware accessories for loose, loose in case of need to tighten in a timely manner. When the door open, can consider to add a small amount of keyhole pencil lead powder.

6, the house to decorate, should cover the wooden door door leaf and door frame, etc. , to avoid paint and other decorate material on the doors, door frame, influence its beautiful and service life.

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