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by:Runcheng Chuangzhan     2019-09-23
2016 in literature, music and film, doors are often bridges to other things.
On Instagram, photos of doors and windows bring viewers to the unknown world.
After studying the individual who took photos of the doors and windows, the following account was selected.
Other sites were recommended by Instagram.
We asked every photographer below to introduce us to their work.
Comments have been edited for space and clarity.
The doors and windows on Instagram are global, from Stockton, California.
Accounts of Azerbaijan, Athens and Nicaragua, as well as planned accounts.
Have you recorded the portal to the rest of the world on your Instagram feed?
Share a photo of your window or door with hashtag NYTdoors.
Related: Instagram\'s \"doorway\" artist \"I took this picture in early 2015, a few months after I started my Instagram account.
I am at Princelet Street in London\'s historic spitalfield area.
I\'m like a kid in a candy shop.
At that time, I never met a place with so many beautiful, quirky and wonderful doors in the same place.
The door stood out from other doors, which had just been painted.
It is allowed to rot, but rot in a beautiful way.
Andrew Howell (
@ Doors_of_england)
\"This is a photo of a few centuries --
Old wooden doors in the abandoned village of Al Manzfah, Oman.
I went to the same place 15 years ago, and when I came back in February, the condition of the alley and the House deteriorated.
It\'s dangerous to walk around, and the ceiling inside has collapsed.
When this picture was posted, many people in Oman were surprised that they were taken there because the building was influenced by Arab, Persian, Indian, Zanzibar and Jewish culture, today” (
Translated into English by Maryam Al Tubi. )
Abdullah Alemi (
@ Alriyamiabdullah)
\"Every morning, Oliver and I take a quiet walk before we get off work and often cross the Vinegar Hill where we just started taking pictures.
On this special morning of June, Oliver insisted that we stop in front of a pile of doors I shot a while ago.
If Oliver wants to direct, then you have to go with the flow!
Vinegar Mountain is a bit mysterious.
We rarely see people coming in and out of these doors.
\"Tamara yulovsky (
@ Oliver_thewire fox)
\"When the opportunity comes up, I will take a picture of a human or dog with Oliver.
In this case, we visited my brothers and sisters in Seattle in April. in-
And their two daughters.
Before returning to New York, I thought it was appropriate for my old nieces Adeline and Oliver to pose.
This is not a matter of aesthetics.
It captures a moment and tells us the time, place and people of it.
\"Tamara yulovsky (
@ Oliver_thewire fox)
\"On Last December, I took part in the trip at the end of my holiday in Tunisia.
Before returning to the cold winter in Paris, I wanted to capture a warm and peaceful place.
Architecture and color are typical of Sidi Bou sa d, a lovely village overlooking the sea in northern Tunisia and known for its artist community.
For me, this represents a spirit of \"returning to basics.
Ben Haji (
@ Doorseverywhere)
\"I was attracted by this because the windows reflected Tunisian culture and they were drying clothes outside.
Typical here are white walls and blue windows, but the yellow accent of the towel reminds people to pay attention to the sun.
Just like this person wants to create a \"summer laundry scene\" unconsciously \".
Ben Haji (
@ Doorseverywhere)
\"At the Chelsea Flower Show in May, a restaurant called Ivy League turned its facade into a colorful floral masterpiece.
After dragging my friends on what I call \"home hunting,\" I \'ve been drinking before.
I see this door as the Gate of Heaven.
I stood in the middle of the street, avoiding the black taxi and waiting for the right person to walk.
I like the sport that I can capture the city like a well
The man in clothes takes off his sunglassesstride.
Sofia Goldberg (@sophia. gb)
\"I took this picture on June.
My husband and I went to the Eastland peninsula, which borders Croatia, Slovakia and Italy.
When we were traveling, we rented a car so we could stop in the small town.
This picture was taken by me in grozjan, Croatia.
The combination of colors is unique.
Also, I like the small circles and squares around it and the symmetry of the plants.
It is not common to find doors with these features.
I fell in love with it. \"Gilita Semba (@wndframes)
\"Last fall, I visited my family at General shamamil Playas in Ecuador.
I was struck by the contrast between the country\'s red doors, rich flowers, rotten utility pillars and white walls.
It\'s like the humble beginning of a love story, a perfect imperfect one.
In this case, the walls create a clean background;
The eyes of the audience were attracted by the door and flowers. Martha Reyes.
@ Director Ihaveathingforwalls)
\"This is my friend, Eric Sherman, who was in safade, Israel last year, the city known as the blue city.
Every time I travel with someone, I make the same request: outside like some cool doors, find a door that talks to you, and I\'ll take a picture of you in front of it
He liked this because it reminded him of his former home in New Orleans, where he fell in love with the jazz trumpet.
Eric agrees with the soul and mystery of New Orleans and Salford.
Charles sagino (@csaginaw)
\"I took this last year when I went to Santorini for my birthday.
There are many beautiful towns on the island.
I found this window on a narrow and quiet street.
Or, I have to say, I found a locked dog and a bird.
I like soft colors, stairs, toy planes, hats, everything.
This is a perfect composition for me.
But even today, whenever I see this picture, I feel sorry for the animals who are waiting there for something. \"Gilita Semba (@wndframes)
\"This door is probably my favorite door on the Podo Belo Road, both for aesthetic and emotional reasons.
When I was 15, my mother took me to London for the first time.
I remember this door clearly from that trip.
It\'s hard to forget the perfect combination of blue and gray doors.
Whenever I walk by, I think of the trip.
I framed this picture and tied the natural form of pink flowers to the hard line bars of the Blue House, which is a double blow.
Sofia Goldberg (@sophia. gb)
\"Because of the symmetry and color of the Green Pine stone door, I like this one.
I took a lot of pictures of the corners, this one is on the Glay ferry near South Philadelphia.
The best time to shoot is cloudy.
It doesn\'t make much sense except that I find it interesting.
However, some people will understand what they mean.
Austin Hodges (@austinxc04)
\"This is an abandoned church.
This is a confession room.
I like it because of the curtain and the symbol on the door.
Austin Hodges (@austinxc04)
\"The engineering feat of building houses on our steep streets impressed me.
This is a classic building in San Francisco, and it is unique to our city.
Julie Greenhart (@juliegeb)
\"When I walked through the mission area in San Francisco in last October, the little door caught my eye.
Sweet handmade, perfect for a little mouse.
It is there, hidden in the ordinary view.
Totally charming!
Julie Greenhart (@juliegeb)
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