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by:Runcheng Chuangzhan     2019-08-13
THE sell-
The closure of public housing is accelerating as funds are used to reduce the state government\'s budget deficit of $0. 367 billion. The clear-
Despite thousands of people on the shortlist for families with \"urgent needs\", housing trust property has emerged.
According to the freedom of information document, the government will sell up to 540 housing units this fiscal year, raising about $100 million.
This is 379 units sold in 2010.
$81 was raised. 5 million.
As many as 143 former Trust houses were listed for sale in January-
The 77, which went public in last May, almost doubled.
Critics have accused the government of using these public assets to help cover the growing budget deficit, which is expected to rise to $0. 453 billion next fiscal year.
Robert Brokenshire said, \"cash-
The cash-strapped government is using the money to ease the budget deficit.
Mr. Brokenshire, who obtained the FoI document, said: \"The government\'s urgent sale of this public asset is further than the sale of household silver to repay the debt . \".
\"The government is abandoning its responsibility for public housing.
Housing Minister Ian Hunt said the sales target was to \"reverse the stock of ageing housing \".
\"Sales revenue is used to repay the loan and to reinvest new or upgraded social housing stock,\" he said . \".
The Housing Trust tenant association said,
This is \"shameful \".
\"These houses earn fixed income for the country, but they are selling,\" said spokeswoman Julie McDonald . \".
She regretted the reduction in public housing, which fell from a peak of 63,000 housing units to 44,000 units in 20 years.
The trust fund, established in 1936, aims to provide affordable accommodation for working families as the state is working to increase its population and manufacturing base.
Many successful and good
The famous South Australians grew up in the trust House, including singer Jimmy Barnes, sports journalist Bruce mcwani and actress Kate Fitzpatrick.
Professor Andrew bill, a housing expert at the University of Adelaide, said: \"There is no trust, Adelaide will end at the Gepps Cross and Noarlunga centres, there is no job creation, SA may have a population of 600,000
Michael Lennon, former CEO of Housing and Urban Development, said that the role of trust has changed from providing housing for workers to later welfare recipients --1980s.
\"This is because the federal government has reduced funding and introduced eligibility criteria for those who need to live, resulting in the emergence of a welfare housing model, said Mr. Lennon, an international housing expert. Long-
Long Term Trust tenants Tony and Pam Olivier have fond memories of raising their five children in Plaitford St in Elizabeth Valley.
They recalled the Street Party, left the house with the door open, let the children wander the street until it was dark, and watched TV in the front porch with their neighbors on a hot night.
The couple moved into three of their rooms.
The bedroom residence in 1960, with two young children and another on the road, just \"narrowed down\" three years ago to a smaller trust property in northern Salisbury.
Mr. Olivier said: \"We are 21 years old and we already have Steve, Helen and Julie on the road and we have been living in the apartment but thanks to the Housing Trust, we got our 73-year-old truck driver who retired as a manager for a metal retailer.
\"Buying a house is impossible, which is beyond our reach and the same for many others.
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