duke embraces mission history

by:Runcheng Chuangzhan     2019-09-24
\"I am very social in the city center and it would be nice not to take a taxi everywhere.
It would be great to get out of the front door and come to the scene, especially in the summer when the weather is good, \"she said.
She recently purchased a house in the newly launched Duke, the latest city project in Avi Urban with 43 collectionsand two-
Bedroom Apartment
Unique W style apartment and four townhouseshaped four-Floor building.
The project is located on 18 th Avenue and 1st th Street. W. sets the tone.
This is a historic area, one of the oldest communities in Calgary
The project spans Mission and Beltline and is located across St Street.
Mary\'s High School is just across the street.
Mary\'s Cathedral, the architectural symbol of the city.
\"When we look at the new, trendy, high-potential growth areas in the mission, it is this street that sets up bars,\" said Charron Ungar, president of Avi Urban . \".
Integration with mission 100 architectural aestheticsplus-
Heritage of the year, combined with red brick accents and wooden decorations tied to contemporary elements-
Black metal, gray plaster and white composite siding.
\"It will be colorful and diverse to play the mission,\" Ungar said . \".
Choose one or two in Massa
Bedroom Apartment
Stylish apartment plan on the fourth floor.
\"This is 930 square feet, which is such an amazing square foot for the city center,\" she said . \" She added that three years ago, when she purchased her first townhouse with the company in the enclave of Castle on the west side of Calgary, she fell in love with Avi city design.
She has been busy pulling up close for a while, but because she likes the design of the Avi City project, she wants to stay there.
On July, she attended the Duke\'s VIP opening ceremony and immediately attracted interest.
\"It has everything I\'m looking for and I love the terrace on the west side --it’s huge.
The Duke features a variety of singles. Superior apartment-
In a style apartmentbedroom or two-
Bedroom facing.
They offer 550 to 1,200 square feet while townhouses are planned to range from 1,350 to 1,550 square feet and offer double or triple-Bedroom design.
\"When designing the interior space, it\'s actually about features and light,\" Ungar said . \" Getting a sense of balance is the driving factor, he added.
Efficiency, practicality and openness
The concept of the corridor and the simple use define the space.
The interaction of natural light also enhances the appearance and atmosphere.
The use of oversized windows and embedded balconies with sun angles in different seasons takes full advantage of the warmth and light of the winter sun, but limits the hot summer sun.
Buyers can choose from the mix and match palettes, including the selection of high
Quartz countertop and wide end finishplank flooring.
But the really interesting design element is the front door.
Buyers can personalize their home by applying the door to a signature color.
For lar, this is the icing on the cake.
She was excited to move in and be able to walk to the hockey game-
Her brother is playing in WHL.
And the restaurant.
\"I\'m at a dinner club and we go to different restaurants every month.
I hope something cool will come up next to me, \"she said.
Occupancy is expected to reach $200,000 in November and 2016.
What you need to know is: Duke, a collection of 43 people --and two-
Bedroom Apartment
Unique W style apartment and four townhouseshaped four-Floor building.
Builder/developer: Avi City community: Mission Price: house prices start at $200,000.
The display center is located at 202 Avenue 17. S. W.
The project spans a block near St.
Mary\'s Cathedral is on the 18 th Avenue and the First Street. W.
Time: from noon to 7: 00 on Monday to Thursday, the demo center is open. m.
, And Saturdays, Sundays and holidays from noon to 5. m.
Rest on Friday.
Source: aviurban.
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