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by:Runcheng Chuangzhan     2019-08-09

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Buy solid wood doors to identify Jiangshan Xupai door industry

Zhejiang Jiangshan Xupai Door Industry Co., Ltd. is mainly engaged in product development, production, sales and construction of door-type production limited liability company, with high-quality materials and professional construction team. The company's solid wood door products take advantage of the comprehensive performance of good solidity, occupying Hebei; Hubei; most of Zhejiang's market share. After being put on the market for many years, the products have been favored by the industry and received rave reviews. Welcome to inquire.

The advantages of Xupai solid wood paint door: 1, the variety of paint door is very complete: white paint door, flat door, bread door, European door, assembled door, original wood door, carved door, etc.; 2, the essence of Chinese and foreign: it Combining the classic beauty of China with the popular composite door technology in Europe is a successful attempt. It is also suitable for the consumers. 3. Excellent workmanship. The door core board adopts wood species such as fir; the surface is glued to the door core. Closely tight: This advantage is not easy to crack, the paint surface is delicate and beautiful. 4. The solid wood composite paint door has various styles, the wood grain texture of the door is clear, and it has a strong overall sense and three-dimensional feeling. The surface has a solid wood feel, feels better, can adapt to various styles of home decoration, strong adaptability 5, easy to repair, if the surface appears artificially wounded, can do professional treatment, after repair can reach the initial state 6, the price trend is medium Suitable for most people's needs, easy to be accepted by the public 7. Can be customized according to customer's preferences, including size, color, style, glass, etc., can make customers' demand to make 8, solve the traditional solid wood door processing Defects in the process of door leaf deformation, cracking at the interface, shrinkage of the door core plate, etc. 9. It has the characteristics of moisture resistance, small expansion coefficient and deformation resistance. After a period of use, surface cracking and oxidative discoloration will not occur. 10. The last point is that the quality of after-sales service is good. Because the price and quality are the same, after-sales is a more realistic choice.

At present, the country is in the construction stage, and the development of the construction industry is booming and in full swing. It is spread all over the country and the architectural style is novel and diverse. Zhejiang Jiangshan Xupai Door Industry Co., Ltd. has been in the construction and decoration industry for many years, and has its own design team, the development and production of solid wood doors, providing more choices for the current growing market demand. The solid wood door market is broad and widely used. It is mainly used for building decoration. It is an economical and long-awaited building material product in the construction industry. It has excellent performance, long service life and wide application range. With its own integrity and quality, Got a good market feedback.

Jiangshan Xupai Door Industry takes Jiangshan City as its main production base, continuously optimizes the allocation of resources, and continues to expand its scale. In Hebei; Hubei; Zhejiang has formed a certain scale of building materials industry cluster, and the solid wood door products produced have strong functions. The shape is mainly square, which is sold by means of factory direct sales. And with good product quality, competitive price and thoughtful service, it has been recognized and praised by the construction industry.

Customer satisfaction is the pursuit of our company! Jiangshan Xupai Door Industry will continuously improve and improve its scale and strength in the fierce market environment to repay the love and support from all walks of life, with advanced technology, high quality solid wood doors, reliable quality and reasonable price. Perfect service, sincere attitude and reliable business level Welcome the construction industry and new and old customers to come to negotiate and consult.

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