Ecological door is how to choose?

by:Runcheng Chuangzhan     2020-06-26

ecological door to keep the surface cleanliness, prevent hard knock against the door frame and door leaf surface, the wooden door manufacturer to share ecological door is how to choose?

1, see material pledge: ecological door of choose and buy is mainly from the hardware structure and material, choose metal material, more formaldehyde-free, and materials can be recycled, to achieve the above standard is the 'ecological door.

2, see the door: aluminum magnesium titanium alloy material of the door, the door; Ecological door the door, the door more than aluminum, magnesium and titanium alloy materials adopt surface anodic oxidation treatment, hardness above 12 degrees, wear-resisting, compression, never deformation and fade.

3, see panel: facade materials imported 100% pure environmental protection panels, there are mainly three kinds of fire prevention board, metal board, these materials are green environmental protection, water absorption, not easy scratches, good abrasion resistance characteristics.

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