Ecological door maintenance techniques

by:Runcheng Chuangzhan     2020-06-24

ecological vulnerable to the influence of the damp weather door, wooden door is difficult to open and close, serious and even have a facade cracking and paint. Solid wood composite painting door manufacturers give you below about ecological door maintenance techniques.

1, door leaf deformation, adjust the door

if the door deformation, the solution is simple, remove the reinstall. If it is door leaf deformation, requires professional woodworking to adjust reserved the crack of the door, hinge, increase the seam. Will tell commonly, door seam to eight 12 mm, wooden door leave too little will cause summer wet bilge, drop, which causes the difficulty in opening and closing; Hinges on one side of the door to be kept 2 mm; Locks on one side of the 3 mm.

2, completes the moistureproof work

we can choose to protect wax or special detergent evenly coated on the surface of ecological wood, wipe gently, to maintain the luster of wooden door, in the surface to form a moistureproof layer, can effectively prevent moisture intrusion.

3, cannot use wet cloth to wipe the door

in the damp, high temperature of summer, as far as possible don't use wet cloth to wipe wooden door, in case the worsen condition of be affected with damp be affected with damp. Can in the door at ordinary times put some appropriate moisture supplies, open a window or use the appropriate air conditioning transaired function, discharge inside moist air. 4, green plant away from the wooden door

green plant can rise to adjust the effect of air humidity. Summer best put green plant away from the wooden door, lest increase the humidity of the air, affect the moisture content of wooden door. In addition, the green plant is not on the floor, otherwise when water leakage, the floor will be foam, also affect the wooden door opening and closing.

5, air conditioning wetted

in space is not particularly big room, shut the doors and Windows, its effect was more obvious wetted, air conditioning is the premise of wetted refrigeration temperature must be lower than at room temperature.

6, intermittent ventilation

is the best time in the afternoon, rainy day in south and southeast direction of the doors and Windows closed, in order to reduce water vapor into the interior. At noon, the outside air humidity is high, unfavorable open a window, should be in the afternoon or evening, relatively dry climate, open a window to adjust indoor air. 7, lime moisture absorption

after the rainy day or sacks in available fabric wrapped with lime in indoor everywhere, make indoor air is dry.

8, hygroscopic box

more common hygroscopic products on the market, generally by calcium chloride particles as the main contents, most also added essence ingredients, so set dehumidifier, aromatic, anti-mildew, deodorant, and other functions in one body. Three source industry &trade warm prompt: for ecological wood moisture is mainly a wet summer, because the wooden door itself has the function of automatic adjustment humidity so often does not recommend dehumidification, usually dehumidifying once a month.

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