Ecological environmental protection door panels have what advantage?

by:Runcheng Chuangzhan     2020-06-25

it is very important to the healthy environmental protection of the ecological door, mainly from the structure and material to embody the ecological door, wooden door manufacturer to share below what's the advantage of ecological environmental protection door panel?

LCT plate

surface is South Korea imported high-definition PETG film, film thickness 1 mm


1, pure color, simple fashion, the overall design layout, high-end generosity

2, environmental protection: do not contain any volatile

3, performance: the resistance to scratching, deformation, color stability, waterproof, easy to clean

use: contracted home outfit high-end office buildings, villas,

UV board:

with German UV lacquer craft, through UV light curing machine of dry plate.


1, stable Gao Liangguang, bright color, high transparency, high-end luxury

2, environmental protection, UV paint, no volatile

3, scratched, Gao Liangguang UV resistant plate in the wear-resisting degree of best

use: five-star hotels, high-end office buildings, business club

aluminum surface metal panel

a composite for transfer printing aluminum plate surface material of novel indoor decoration materials.


1, super strong metal texture, strong visual effect, metal appearance colorful, grave and elegant, line is clear;

2, green environmental protection, base material using E1 class environmental protection density board

3, no bubbles, not easy to produce side damage, no crack, out of shape not easily; Surface smooth wear-resisting, resistance to scratch. Moistureproof fire

use: contracted fashion decoration, high-grade office buildings, KTV, leisure clubs

fire prevention board

act the role of the new panel for refractory materials.


1, the surface color, texture, stereo sense is strong, rich delicate touch

2, no pollution, no radiation, in case of fire smoke-free non-toxic, green environmental protection

3, thermal insulation, fire flame retardant, anti bacteria, mildew and antistatic, water resistant, resistant to moisture, excellent sound insulation performance, plank ageing resistance, long service life

use: widely used in shopping malls, hotels, hotels, hospitals, schools, Banks, offices, families, and other places

melamine plate

is melamine melamine-impregnated paper veneer man-made board.


1, choice of rich color and texture, texture clear, natural color

2, the product of green environmental protection, non-toxic, non-polluting

3, don't be affected with damp be affected with damp, mildew, foaming. High pollution, easy to clean, surface hardness, high strength, wear resistance

use: widely used in various types of home, office, entertainment and public places.

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