Ecological wood door how to install?

by:Runcheng Chuangzhan     2020-06-29

now unceasingly in the progress of science and technology, material and type of the door is very much, today ecological wood wood door manufacturer to you talk about how to install?

1, the combination of the door panels, the first in the door of the horizontal, vertical plate on soft ground paving material, insert dovetail fasteners such as cross the board on the side of the corresponding slot, and then will be at the gate of the plate at the gate of vertical and horizontal plate through dovetail fasteners, steel clamp is used after a fixed horizontal, vertical door plank.

2, Ann hinge door leaf: the hinge on the door leaf screw first half, and then the hinge connecting doors and door cover up and down the first one to two screws, and then shut the door check gap is in line with the requirements, whether open flexible, presence of springback phenomenon, such as do not conform to the requirements by hinges to adjust in time, make various aspects requirements will again after other screw, it is strictly prohibited to screw directly into the door leaf and door cover

3, lock: according to provide the lock installed to the appropriate location, lock core high from the ground from the horizontal dimension as: 900 - - - - - - - 1000毫米; Will lock, handle, lock tongue plate installed on the door leaf, after the doors closed, the lock tongue corresponding to the location of the door to open the lock tongue box, lock installed after the check whether the doors, door lock switch is flexible, with or without dithering phenomenon, such as welcome to adjust lock position.

that's wooden door manufacturers to share the ecological wood door installation, hope to help everyone.

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