edmonton store rolls out red carpet on first day of legal cannabis sales

by:Runcheng Chuangzhan     2019-08-11
Edmonton\'s first legal marijuana store is set to open on Wednesday morning and dozens of people line up around the block.
A block south of White Avenue, Nova Cannabis has a red carpet.
When the DJ blew the first 40 songs, the bodyguard stood at the door.
GeoffGoodingstood stood in a row and smoked marijuana with a small wooden tube.
It\'s his birthday today.
He was very happy to have a cigarette to celebrate.
\"I am not within 10 metres of the door or bus stop.
I feel great to be able to do this, \"he said.
He has been a regular user for years and he says he is happy to be able to legally purchase and use the drug now.
It may take a while for cannabis to be fully accepted by ordinary people, he said, but that will happen.
\"It is always the source of pressure to have to get it through illegal means,\" Gudin said . \".
Six other cannabis shops in Edmonton also opened on Wednesday.
Similar scenes are staged across Canada as cannabis lovers mark the historic first day of legitimate recreational marijuana.
With the opening of the CalgaryB store, legal marijuana attracts a lot of queues. C.
The first legal cannabis store in Newfoundland opened for the first legal cannabis store in business. Someone in the Newfoundland store lined up at Nova Cannabis to dress up for the occasion --
Like Terri English, he appeared in a huge inflatable T. rex costume.
\"This is the first day of legalization.
So if you want to learn about history, you should probably be here on the first day. \"She said.
MarinkeLerous found himself at the front of the team, about 8: 30 a. m. m.
She said that she is a medical user and she wants to see if the price of this store is similar to what she has paid in the past.
She is also curious about trying new things.
\"This is a very iconic moment in Canadian history,\" Lerous said . \".
\"I\'m really excited to be a part of history.
\"Now there\'s a lineup all over the block. pic. twitter.
Online sales website inundatedAlberta\'s only legal, non-legal online sales website
The medical online cannabis store, operated through the Alberta gaming, alcohol and cannabis Board, opened at 12: 01 A. M. m. Wednesday.
Kaleihmiller, a spokesman for AGLC, said the site was flooded and forced to put people in line or \"waiting rooms \".
Miller said on Wednesday that on one occasion, there were 11,000 people in the queue, but the system worked quite well on the number of processing.
\"After about five minutes, it processes 200 orders every five minutes,\" Miller said . \". As of 8:30 a. m.
Visits to the site have exceeded 40 000 times, and several items extracted from dried flower oil have been sold out in a few hours.
AGLC will continue to work with licensed producers to replenish inventory, she said.
Marcie Kiziak, spokeswoman for Nova Cannabis, said the store has about 16,000 personal items in stock but expects some products to be sold out on Wednesday.
Yes, I interviewed a t-Rex ? pic. twitter.
The staff cheered and applauded when Nova Cannabis opened at 10, \"I \'ve been waiting a long time \". m.
Only a few customers are allowed in at a time, giving employees the opportunity to check the id and help each customer find the pressure and price they want.
Customers can browse the information card on the wall and sniff samples in containers in the middle of the store.
After waiting in line for an hour, Brandon Wright spent $205 on a hybrid variety of dry marijuana and pre-rolled joints.
He said the money was well spent considering the diversity of the product and the help of the staff.
\"It\'s a huge wait to get into here, but this is the first time to see it, all the information, he said:\" All the staff here are happy to help you and give you the information, this is huge. \".
\"I have been waiting for a long time on this day.
\"I paid a little more on the black market with the same amount than I did,\" he said . \".
\"But I think it\'s valuable to have that information and the service to roll it for me, so I don\'t mind paying more.
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