enjoy canal-side living in heart of manchester

by:Runcheng Chuangzhan     2019-09-11
On June, the final stage of the lundel potato pier in the heart of Manchester\'s historic casterfield district was launched and much anticipated.
191 new series launched in the new series-and two-
Bedroom apartment in a well-built, canal-
The Second City in the UK offers a rare opportunity to buy.
According to the global livable survey, Manchester is listed as the best living city in the UK and its population is growing rapidly. it is expected that by 2024, the population of Manchester will increase from 80,000 to 54,000.
This year, the city is among the top performers in the UK\'s largest city, one of the top 10to-
Make this country more than London and Birmingham.
Manchester combines old and new, industrial heritage and modern reputation as the main hub of culture, history and architecture.
The potato pier is surrounded by the castellfield reserve, Victorian infrastructure and a distinctive warehouse building on both sides of the Roman ruins and the iconic canal passage.
The area is known for its attractive rural atmosphere and has numerous famous museums, galleries and cultural sites in Manchester, including the Museum of Science and Industry and the Castlefield city heritage park next door.
In addition to the rich heritage, the area also has independent and good diversity
Established bars, restaurants and cafes have created an enviable reputation in the region.
Manchester\'s famous social and retail venues are just at the door, with Arndale shopping center and trendy North district within walking distance or just a few minutes from the fast-expanding Metrolink service.
Located near Deansgate, potato Pier is one of the best new developments in the city\'s connection
From Castlefield Metrolink station, you can reach Manchester Piccadilly train station in 11 minutes.
At the same time, Oxford Road, Manchester is located at 20-
Manchester Airport is within a 25-minute walk.
The apartment at Potato pier is surrounded by a public garden and a public green space, and many apartments have stunning views of the balcony and the canal.
The interior of the apartment offers a modern design and the large double glazing adds a sense of space.
In the kitchen, tile-effect tiles are supplemented by worn-out ash-proof floors-a continuation of the urban environment in the home.
Every kitchen is equipped with modern Bosch appliances.
In the bathroom, large tiles have fabric
Inspired by the history of cotton and textiles in Manchester.
Richard Cook, head of residential Lendlease, said, \"We are thrilled to be back in Manchester with our potato dock development project, providing residents with a rare opportunity to buy high
Quality new homes located in the city center.
\"Castlefield is a special place that combines an intimate rustic feel and iconic canals --
Live under the stimulation and convenience of big cities.
There is a wealth of architectural heritage, a wonderful culture and a great place to eat and drink, all at the entrance of the potato pier.
\"The Potato dock marks the return of the developer to Manchester, which has developed some of the most exciting projects in the last 15 years, including No.
One big Manor and one green district each.
Lendlease is committed to creating a place for the future.
Each household complies with the sustainable home level 4 standard, green roof, LED lighting and smart meters for energy and water.
In addition, all families provide a circular space in lockable public stores, while 10% of parking spaces can use electric car charging points.
For more information, please call 03-7839 5555.
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