Environmentally friendly wooden door consumers should pay more attention

by:Runcheng Chuangzhan     2020-01-15

1. The name of the material is easy to be confused

when purchasing wooden door products, merchants often introduce product materials like solid wood and environmental protection, such as solid wood particle board, ecological board, etc. In addition, there are misleading phenomena in the process of wooden doors , such as paint-free doors and compression doors, to confuse consumers. Some unknown consumers think that the plates they buy are actually more environmentally friendly and expensive than ordinary wood-based panels.

wooden door manufacturers remind consumers that the name is not directly related to the actual quality of the product and do not generate unnecessary associations. In addition, consumers should also pay attention to the composition and structure of the plates when purchasing. When purchasing products, merchants should be urged to fill in the formal name and environmental protection level.

second, glue is not equal to pollution

nowadays, many people talk about glue color change, think no matter what kind of building materials, as long as it contains glue, or sticky is harmful, even gypsum and white cement are suspected. Not to mention the wooden doors of artificial plates, many consumers hope that the lower the formaldehyde emission of such products, the better.

In fact, gelling materials are divided into inorganic gelling materials and organic gelling materials. Gypsum, white cement and lime powder, which are commonly used for wall decoration, belong to inorganic gelling agents and are free of formaldehyde. However, there are also many kinds of organic cementing materials. For example, urea-formaldehyde glue contains formaldehyde, while some kinds do not contain harmful substances, which need to be distinguished in detail according to the product formula.

urea-formaldehyde adhesive is generally used as the main cementing material for ordinary artificial boards, and formaldehyde in urea-formaldehyde adhesive will continue to volatilize. However, only with glue can its physical properties be achieved. At present, the formaldehyde emission of artificial boards specified in the national standard is ≤? 1. 5 mg/L, can meet the health needs of the family. As long as the reasonable use of qualified products will not cause indoor harmful substances to exceed the standard. In addition, the paint that consumers are worried about, the water-based paint in the wooden door industry, although it is paint, is more environmentally friendly than oily paint. About environmentally friendly wooden door products. If consumers are really unable to distinguish when purchasing, they can try their best to purchase qualified wooden door products of large brands, and require sellers to show such certificates as National Certified Environmental protection signs when purchasing.

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