ex-spy sergei skripal and his daughter were poisoned with nerve agent via his home’s front door, police believe

by:Runcheng Chuangzhan     2019-09-18
Police believe a former Russian spy was poisoned when his front door was left behind.
Earlier this month, Sergei scripal and his daughter Yulia were still in hospital after being found seriously ill in Salisbury.
Traces of nerve agents were also found in many other scenarios, but the concentration was low. But Counter-
Terrorist officials say the most concentrated nerve drugs were found at the front door of the home address of Sergei scripal. The father-
On March 5, the two daughters were found lying on the bench of \"tension \".
The terrorist police are investigating how the poisoning incident happened.
Russia denies that their special services are involved, and a diplomatic spat between Britain and Russia is underway.
Deputy Assistant Commissioner Dean Haydn, senior coordinator of the national counter-terrorism police, said: \"At this point in our investigation, we believe that Skripals first came into contact with nerve agents from their front door.
\"So most of our efforts are focused on their presentations.
\"People who live near skripals may see the police conducting a search, but I want to assure them that the risk is still low and our search is preventive.
\"I would also like to thank the local community for their continued support and understanding.
\"The unique circumstances of this investigation mean that officials may stay in the area for weeks and months.
\"There has been recent news that Yulia scripar has regained consciousness in the hospital for some time after the noviko attack, but the doctor is concerned that she and her father may never be\"
The doctor said she was briefly awake but could not communicate in a \"meaningful way.
The findings were published when investigators were allowed to take blood samples from the couple to test this highly effective neuroreagent.
These samples have now been handed over to the International Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW)for testing.
SkripalandYulia, 33, was found lying on a bench and in a state of tension.
The terror police investigated CCTV and believed they would see their father and daughter before poisoning.
The police estimated the couple\'s operational schedule and found that they were not seen between the ages of 9. 15am and1. 30 p. m. on March 4. Novichok -
Russian for newcomers or novices
It is the name of a series of neurological drugs developed by the Soviet Union in 1980s and 1970.
They are said to be the deadliest nerve drug ever, and are reportedly five times as powerful as the infamous VX gas.
Neuroreagents consist of two relatively harmless materials that can be fatal when they are mixed together, making it easier to transport under radar.
Novichok agent as a super decentralized
Fine powder instead of steam will make the muscles shrink involuntarily.
The victim\'s heart and diaphragm did not work properly after contact with the neuroreagent, resulting in a cessation of breathing and heartbeat.
People affected usually die from heart failure or suffocation because a lot of liquid secretions fill their lungs.
But even if they do not die, Russian scientists say the substance can cause permanent nerve damage and permanently disable the victim.
Sunday\'s Sun newspaper revealed that Yulia\'s boyfriend was a Russian secret service agent who worked at the US embassy in Moscow.
The news came just days after Scotland Yard announced a murder investigation into the death of Vladimir Putin\'s enemy, Nicolas gushkov, who was found strangled at his home in southern London.
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