exclusive: rock stars at home: inside peek at bob dylan\'s hideaway broken into by naked hippies, mansion where jagger and his girlfriend had \'kinky fun\' and gaudy villa cher vowed to own

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Keith Richards is lying on a guitar, surrounded by books, and blonde Debbie Harry and Joey Ramon are wrapped in sheets by a cockroach --
Haunted apartments and a quiet David Bowie curled up in bed, the first thing to think of when depicting some of the bigger scenes in the world --than-life musicians.
While rock stars and pop idols are known for their performances --
Stop acting and crazy parties and few are lucky enough to witness artists in their daily lives.
But the new book \"rock stars at home\" offers a glimpse of the home of some music stars, edited by writer Chris charleworth, Eddie Figer, and Brian Reesman, a new Colin Salte, Simon Spencer, Darryl illere is available for rent next Tuesday.
A photo took a nervous Tina and Ike Turner at their 1950 little home in Inglewood after moving from St. to California.
Louis hinted at their chaotic relationship, which would lead the Proud Mary Singh to file a divorce and sell the house after a particularly volatile battle in 1976.
A young Keith Richards stared blankly at the camera in the background of his West Sussex mansion --
On 1967, Mick Jagger and his girlfriend tripped over acid in the same house, resulting in the arrest of Richard and Jagger, and triggering crazy rumors of Carnival.
Sonny and Cher seem to be at home in the manor. rising star Cher vowed after attending a party at the Italian Renaissance villa at 141 South Carolina Wood Avenue in Hollywood, later, I bought it from Curtis for $750,000 (
$4 million today).
These intimate images give fans a rare glimpse of the music legend\'s private life.
Bob Dylan paid $12,000 in 1963 for rambling 11-
The room Crafts house, called Hi Lo Ha, dates back to the beginning of the century when the area on Woodstock Hill became the artist\'s colony for the first time.
Dylan lives with Sarah lovinz and his new wife is pregnant with their first child.
It was not until he finished his tour in 1966 and fled to family life with four children, two dogs, Buster and Hamlet, who liked to bite other musicians that he found peace and peace.
Fans quickly found their way to his house, climbed up the roof of his house and always tried to break in and steal souvenirs.
Dylan found two very naked hippies in his bedroom and decided not to play at the Woodstock Festival in 1969.
He wrote in the first volume of his memoir, Chronicles, that I wanted to set these people on fire.
I\'m imagining a nine. to-
Five houses on the tree.
There are white fences on both sides and pink roses in the backyard.
Dylan and his family moved to a private mansion in Woodstock in 1969.
In 1969, the Jackson family traveled from Gary, Indiana, to Los Angeles, and they found a home on haven Hearst Avenue in Encino that they would all live in. California-continue to collect gold records for Jackson\'s hit songs.
After his personal career erupted, Michael bought the house from his father in his early 80 s and added a Japanese koi pond, a cinema, 6-foot-
The tall statue in the movie Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs moves through the bubble.
The 1994 earthquake near Beiling left his father Joe packing.
Jermaine was the last person to leave in the 2000 s, but the house stayed at home, Paris, and the Prince and Blanket moved in after Michael\'s death in 2009.
The changes over time, including the gorgeous gift shop on the ground, are small.
Keith Richards Rolling Stone guitarist Keith Richards fell in love with thatch
The Elizabethan-period roof house in West wichlin, West Sussex, South England, where he hopes to play the owner of the manor.
When his driver got lost in a small village, he saw a red Land house surrounded by the moat but not sold.
Richards offered the owner the equivalent of $450,000 in cash today, and after a brief conversation, the retired Navy officer agreed to the deal.
Richards is decorated with Moroccan curtains, tapestries, silk and ties.
Dead scarf on the lamp
He introduced rock-and-roll decadence to the town along with his friends under anesthesia, full-length leather coats and other Nazi regalia.
In February 1967, Mick Jagger and his girlfriend first tripped over acid in Richards\'s house when he was interrupted by knocking on his door.
Police officers were reported to have taken drugs and arrested Jagger and Richards.
Richards was sentenced to one year in prison for allowing drug use in his home.
Jagger was sentenced to three months in prison for having his life.
They each serve one night in prison.
Keith Richards bought a 1991-square-foot house at 8000.
Walking 8 acres of colonial house, backed up to a nature reserve in Weston town, affluent Connecticut, an hour from Manhattan, settled down with his wife, patty Hansen and their two little girls, Theodore and Alexandra.
The Custom House is 3100 square feet.
Walking Inn, swimming pool, tennis court, Japanese garden.
Richards admitted to feeling the original tranquility in the surrounding woods.
In Connecticut, he got up at seven in the morning and read, recorded and wrote songs in the basement.
The nearby Long Island Strait provides a great voyage if the weather is good.
\"I don\'t have a regular routine.
Richards told Rolling Stone that I was wandering around the house, waiting for the maid to clean the kitchen, and then packing it up again and doing some barbecue.
He has set up a library for a large number of books he has collected, many of which are rare first editions.
Weston is reported to be the main residence for rock singers, although he still has a Manhattan penthouse and a private beachfront holiday villaK.
When he fantasized about shepherd\'s pieP. sauce.
On October 1976, David Bowie Davy Bowie rented an apartment in Berlin with his friends, Muse IG pop music and his long dragon
A long-time personal assistant, susan Schwab ). The three-
Bedroom apartment on the fifth floor-
A building in the schnberg district, where he and IGIE like to visit markets and bookstores.
Bowie also has a studio where he puts a bookshelf, a easel, and creates his own paintings, including the Japanese writer San Dao, who hangs above him in the photo.
Near the apartment, Bao Yi and Yi Ji hang out in a cafe where there are many gay customers.
He cycled to the Lufthansa studio for recording and went to the Bruk Museum to learn art.
The singer fled to the German capital for three years to get rid of the madness and addiction of the Los Angeles lifestyle.
Later on, it was the first time in years that I felt the joy of life, the great feeling of release and healing.
R & B legends Tina TEENick and Tina Turner from St from the 1960 s.
Louis lived in southern Los Angeles in 1964 until 1977.
It was a period of tension and violence for the couple, who won the Grammy for the song, Proud Mary, and have been at the top of the R & B music charts all the time.
In Inglewood landscape park, now known as \"Black Beverly Hills\", this 1950-inch small house is an era capsule in its early 70 s with fish tanks and mustard.
Color vinyl flooring pattern and pink
Wallpaper with a swarm
In Tina\'s time, there was a large curved red velvet sofa with a mirror that expanded into a double bed and overhead.
The bar stool is covered with the same red velvet, behind the bar is a fish tank and a waterfall, and the height of the room extends down the stone wall and plastic plants.
Tina considered ending their musical career and their marriage when Ike allegedly attacked her on a shoe stretcher.
Ike admitted in his autobiography, \"Of course, I slapped Tina.
I hit her on the ground several times without thinking.
But I never beat her.
The last row in 1976 prompted Tina to file a divorce lawsuit and sell the house.
Debbie Harry and Joey lammon Braun\'s Debbie Harry \"married\" Ramon\'s Joey lammon at a fake ceremony for punk magazine in March 1977, the same year she was in 1973, her lover and he moved into the apartment in Bowery, New York with her.
Bowery, a former drunken home in Lower East Side of Manhattan, is full of flophouse, starting to replace the wandering population, attracting low-rent artists and musicians.
The couple, the singer and guitarist in the band, the high heels at the time, rented a small two-room with few mattresses.
Neither ho product has a place to put furniture, with a mound full of empty food boxes, clothes, newspapers, books and music equipment, occupying any available ground space.
But there is still plenty of room for cockroaches.
Debbie admitted, \"We were a messy little kid at the time . \"
The couple suspected that the apartment was getting bored after hearing the wall banging and hanging pictures falling off for no reason.
With the success of Blondie, they moved to an apartment in 1979 and later to an apartment under the age of fivestory mansion.
In early 1980, Oz and Sharon osbonis and Sharon Osbourne moved into the Beel House.
The bedroom Georgian mansion was originally built for the 1600-year-old Duke of Buckingham, located in Amersham, buckin County, about 27 miles northwest of central London.
In September 1989, Oz drank a glass of wine and drugs while eating with his family at a Chinese restaurant, trying to kill the salon at a historic home, but had no memory of the matter.
He was arrested and charged with attempted murder.
The condition of bail was that he had to go to the rehabilitation center to deal with his addiction, had no contact with the salon and had not returned to the Beel House.
Osborne sold the house.
Ten years later, the ausbourne bought the Mediterranean-
Beverly Hills style mansion, spent millions of dollars decorating it with a variety of religious items, including crosses, crying Angels and biblical scenes.
Jimmy PageLed Zeppelin guitarist Jimmy Page, known for his exquisite taste and appreciation of historical buildings, bought Tower House as near London at Holland Park in west London
The French Gothic Revival style of the House, the red brick facade, the Cumbrian Green slate roof, the window and the cylindrical tower, had a rich history before Page arrived, with Unusual beauty and mysterious Gothic and former
Design of Raphael.
The astrological sign was painted on the ceiling, and a carved mantel in the library formed the Babel Tower.
Irish actor and singer Richard Harris owned the house before page and sold it to the guitarist in 1972 for $445,000, surpassing David Bowie.
Harris believes that the ghosts of children who had previously lived still occupy certain rooms of the house.
Harris admitted that he liked ghosts and brought them toys to calm them down.
Speaking about the tourists who come every night, Harris said, I rely on them to guide me.
Page decided to sell the house in the medium term.
One of his friends died in his 80 s.
Frank & Barbara SinatraThe crooner\'s Twin Palms Villa, pictured top, was built in Palm Springs in 1947, when he was married to his childhood lover, Nancy.
He chose the location to build this modernist, single-story house, because it is located in the remote part of the desert, which is the landscape he likes.
The sun just falls in the right position, the double palms above the piano --
The shape of the pool creates shadows that look like piano keys on the surrounding sidewalk.
The marriage was over the next year, and there were rumors that Sinatra, in the master bedroom, consumed the house on the bedding of Lana Turner and Dana shore.
Ava Gardner is moving in now, and the decadent party is the order of the time, and Frank hangs a flag with the Jack Daniels logo on it.
Sinatra got married to Ava in 1951, but in their quarrel at the double palms, champagne bottles flew around and items were thrown in the driveway.
Sinatra sold the house in 1957, saying Palm Springs were too crowded, but there were too many bad memories in the house.
Sinatra moved from Palm Springs to the Rancho Mirage near the Cochella Valley, which was originally an ordinary house.
A ground floor villa built along the 17 fairways of Tamarisk Country Club Maggio has two bedrooms and a kitchenette.
Sinatra expanded it with two small villas, more additions and adjacent lots, known to live with his fourth and last wife, Barbara Marx
Helicopter farm and restaurant
Added stylish kitchen and more cabins for security guards, tennis courts, cinema and screening rooms.
His Mouse friends and Vegas girls were at the field party in the helicopter field.
He added an artist\'s studio and a railroad model, two of his big interests.
Alice Cooper, \"the godfather of rock shock,\" was dating Raquel Welch when he moved into a Hollywood home in 1974.
The next year, he left the actress and went to the ballet dancer Cheryl Goddard, who took part in Cooper\'s tour as a dancer and became his wife two years later.
It was a short stay in Hollywood, and the couple moved into a 2,000-square-foot bachelor apartment in Paradise Valley, a small and affluent town in Maricopa County, and expanded it to three times, for church parties and charity activities.
Paradise Valley has some of the best luxury golf courses, and it\'s a big attraction to rock shock when he first moves west.
At this point, Alice is at his peak of alcohol, drinking up to two boxes of Budweiser beer and a bottle of whiskey a day.
Despite the quiet location and beautiful scenery, Alice needs to be hospitalized in a nursing home to save herself and her marriage.
On 1967, Johnny Cash first saw a building under construction on the wooded shore of Old Hickory Lake near Nashville, Tennessee, Johnny Cash said, \"That\'s my house.
Three triangles.
The story center structure, two round glass towers on stilts on both sides, was not sold, but was built for itself by architect Braxton Dixon.
Cash declined to accept that Frank Lloyd Wright-style geometry houses were not sold and raised his offer to $150,000 accepted by the architect.
Made of all natural materials and reusable wood
Salvaged an inch double front door from a dock in Charleston, South Carolina.
Johnny and Carter Cash lived in the lake house for 30 years in June. five years.
Johnny died in that house in September 2003, four months after his death in June.
Bee Ji Barry Gibb bought the house in 2006, but before he moved in, a fire burned the house to ashes.
Two years after Sonny and Cher topped the charts in 1967 with their hit song \"I Let You Baby\", they were invited to a party at Tony Curtis Hollywood Manor, not sure Curtis, I don\'t know why they are there.
But Cher was impressed by the palatial Italian Renaissance villa at 141 South Carlo Wood Avenue, and she told Sonny that they would live in that house one day.
Built in 1936, this house has 10 bedrooms, 12 bathrooms and sits on a 10-acre neatly trimmed lawn at the end of a long drive.
The couple bought a 12,000-square-foot house from Curtis for $750,000, with wooden paneling, gorgeous ceiling cornice and fancy chandeliers (
Equivalent to $4 million today).
Cher began to decorate, but not in the hippie style of her musical image.
She sent her decorators to Europe to buy 18th-century antiques and Louis XIV chairs.
\"We are upstarts, but better than ever . \"
Debbie Harry and Chris steby and Chris moved away from the cockroaches.
On 1978, an infected apartment in Bowery, New York was in the United States. S.
Break through one of the hot blonde\'s, Heart of Glass, and enter the apartment on 17 th Street and 6 th Avenue.
There is no time and no incentive to decorate with their strict performance schedule, which keeps the click-through rate rising.
They moved out of an amazing apartment after an electrical fire broke out in a small, old kitchen that also had water heaters.
But Chris first posed and photographed Debbie in a fire frying pan, wearing a dress she lent her, believed to have been worn by Marilyn Monroe.
The couple learned about the power of images and exposure.
\"We all have a charm in decay,\" Stan recalls . \".
Mariah CareyMariah Carey has 4 bedrooms, 4-
1/2 bathroom, 5,000 square foot three-cylinder Manhattan apartment in Franklin Tower 90 Franklin Street in TriBeCa in 2001, after buying $9 million, the cooperation on the exclusion
Op board in Shangcheng
It has a view of the Empire State Building.
She also purchased a full apartment under the penthouse to make it a three story apartment.
Once the Corn Exchange Bank was built in 1916 in an Art Deco style, it was completely destroyed when Tribeca attracted celebrities looking for charming apartments.
New York\'s famous decoration designer Mario Bata turned the interior into a gorgeous oasis
Inlaid with limestone floors, the door of the living room is covered with silver leaves, painted with leaf patterns, and lush seating. There is a 38-foot-
A long bathroom and a media room.
Carey\'s cloakroom is an open viewing arrangement with multiple rows of open closets.
Rock by writer Chris charleworth, Eddi Fiegel, Brian Reesman, Colin sorte, Simon Spencer, the Rock stars of Darryl ilegel will be next Tuesday
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