experts break down the difference between google home and amazon echo

by:Runcheng Chuangzhan     2019-09-19
Choose wisely.
The world is full of technology and sometimes it\'s hard to keep up.
Some of us have a hard time mastering the basic features of the iPhone X, not to mention a brief introduction to the upcoming availability of smart home devices.
You may have heard of google home and Amazon Echo devices, which are often referred to as \"Alexa\" and you may want to know what they are about.
Basically, they are speakers that respond to your voice with their hands
Free help around the house.
They can do anything from answering random questions to recite the weather of the day, play music and control the smart lights of the home (
That\'s exactly what they sound like).
While these speakers are obviously unnecessary for everyday life, tech enthusiasts say they are fun gadgets that become quite indispensable once you start using them.
Here\'s what you need to know: Amazon Echo is the original smart speaker that Amazon first released in 2015.
This small, cylindrical device is designed to be placed on your countertop or shelf, and the sound it makes is called Alexa. (
The sound from Google\'s Home speakers was named \"Google Assistant\" instead of affectionately calling it. ”)
The Huffington Post consulted four technical experts who said Echo performed well in controlling smart home devices such as smart lights, smart thermostats and smart door locks.
For example, you can turn on the light in your voice or by asking Alexa to turn on the front door. (
First of all, of course, this includes having smart lights, thermostats, or door locks. )
However, Echo is not good at answering daily questions such as \"What movies have been released recently\", Echo integrates with Amazon products such as Amazon Fire TV, of course, it allows you to order things directly from Amazon with your voice.
Last fall, Google released its Google Home smart speaker, making it an updated child in the neighborhood. (
Apple will release its own smart speakers next year, but that\'s another story. )
Google Home integrates with Google when Echo integrates with Amazon products: you can control your Chromecast TV with sound, use Google search, access your Google Calendar and Gmail, although experts say, some work may be required for these last two features.
It cannot control smart home devices like Echo, nor can it control smart home devices as effectively as Echo.
It also has fewer \"apps\" than Echo, which we\'ll talk about later, but experts we \'ve interviewed say it\'s much simpler to set up.
\"Right now, you absolutely don\'t need one,\" said David Pearce, a senior writer at Wired, who has reviewed the Google family mini and the Amazon Echo Show.
\"But you should buy one!
Once you get used to all the little things they can do, like playing music, telling you the weather, or changing the spoon to a cup in your middle
Recipes, it\'s hard to go back. . .
They are playthings.
But they are fun, useful, great, maybe a bit private
Games with problems
According to our experts, the fact is that neither Amazon nor Google\'s gadget is \"better\", although it may be a better option for a given user.
Editor Alex Hernandez said: \"The two speakers perform different tasks very well, very badin-
Techaeris, the main technology site.
\"It will depend on what you want to do with your smart speakers.
\"Based on the opinions of the experts, the biggest advantages of each speaker are listed here.
Alex Cranz, Echo modo\'s Senior Review editor, said Echo \"can control a wider range of smart home devices than Google home \".
Of course, if you have a smart home device that you can control.
Our experts agree that the main attraction of Google Home is its ability to answer complex questions such as \"What was the lottery number last week. Because of Google\'s dominance in search, Nick Pino, senior editor at Google Home techRadar, said.
\"It can tell you the price of the ticket, or when the movie, game, or music first appeared. . .
Alexa often doesn\'t know how to answer your questions.
In addition, they say Google Home is better at understanding your voice.
With Echo, \"You have to say your request very specifically and they often sound like a word salad.
You can talk to Google Home more naturally, \"says Cranz.
While Google Home has a more basic set of features-turn on the TV, play music, etc-you can expand the ability of Amazon Echo by selectively enabling a series of \"skills, \"just like reading your Twitter feed aloudand ordering Domino\'s pizzaon command. “[Echo]
There are some very interesting games and apps, \"Pierce said.
It\'s also a great option to \"buy random crap that you always forget to buy at the grocery store because you can yell, \'Alexa, buy more toilet paper!
Out of the bathroom.
\"Because of the more streamlined features, the editor we consulted said that the setup process of Google Home is simpler and the overall complexity is lower, which may attract some users.
With the Echo, \"it takes a lot of work to get all the skills you need to do all the interesting things,\" Pierce said . \".
The prices of the two companies are similar: the retail price of Amazon Echo is usually $99.
The price of Google Home is $129. (
The best Black Friday promotion this year dropped the price to $79.
$99 and $79 are basically equal. )
Every one of our experts said it was a tough decision, but in the end, three of the four experts said they prefer Google Home, at least in terms of the functionality that each device currently has
\"Google Home is a better choice for me personally because I want my [
Artificial intelligence
\"To answer my questions, I don\'t have a lot of smart devices that need control,\" Hernandez said . \".
However, this does not mean you will do the same.
When making a decision between speakers, Pierce says, you should consider whether you like Amazon products (
Like Amazon Fire TV and Amazoncom)
Or Google products (
Like Chromecast and Gmail)
In your daily life
\"No matter which one you buy, you are buying a complete lifestyle,\" he said . \".
\"So: whether you\'re a Google or an Amazon is the real choice you make.
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