fats domino, new orleans music legend, dead at 89

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Fats Domino, an amiable rock pioneer who died on Tuesday at the age of 89, helped change pop music with his piano and easy baritone, at the same time, he respected the traditional Jefferson Parish coroner of Crescent City.
The New Orleans musician\'s daughter says he died peacefully with his family and friends. TVreports.
\"We are all moved by love and respect for our father,\" his child said in a statement . \".
His music crossed all boundaries and brought him to every corner of the world.
They quoted a few lines of lyrics from his song \"Rising Sun :. . . . . . Then I rock myself sleepwalking, I\'m here to keep this in shape, and then I\'m riding the rising sun, aren\'t I a lucky person? I sold over 0. 11 billion records \"it\'s not a shame\" as well as other rock standards.
Music more Mavis Staples fire in 80 Universal Music: What\'s lost?
In terms of music, he is one of the first 10 winners of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, and the Rolling Stone Record Guide compares him to Benjamin Franklin, a beloved old man in the revolutionary movement
The magazine is in No.
In the list of \"the greatest recording artists of all time.
\"He is not the Elvis Presley from the outside. He stood 5-feet-
Weighing more than 200 pounds, with a wide smile and childishness, the hairstyle is as flat as the album cover.
But his dynamic acting style and passionate voice attracted the audience for 50 years.
One of his shows
Stop the stunt is to stand and play the piano, and with the beat of the music, his body is against the piano and bump the grand piano into the stage.
After learning about his death, artists and musicians shared their condolences on social media: We lost a real American treasure.
God bless you fat man! ! RIP. —Kid Rock (@KidRock)
Rest at fat Domino Park on October 25, 2017.
He paved the way for so many people.
I remember listening to his music when I was a child. Fatsdomino ? ? —LLCOOLJ. (@llcoolj)
On October 25, 2017, my friend and I watched the fat Domino with David Letterman late at night on 1991. So incredible. RIP sir. —Brian Lynch (@BrianLynch)
October 25, 2017 wow
Until now, I really don\'t know that FatsDomino has been with us all the time!
I may try to see his performance. Man.
89 years on Earth
God bless his life.
RIP the pioneer fat Domino!
Posts shared by Questlove Gomez (@questlove)
Pdt rip fats domino at 7: 49 a. m. on October 25, 2017. . .
You paved the way for piano players in New Orleans. . .
See you on the Blueberry Hill in the sky❤? ? ? ❤️—
Little Harry Connick@ HarryConnickJR)
The words of October 25, 2017 let me down at this moment of deep heartache and sadness.
We lost a legend.
One of my heroes
The fat Domino in New Orleans is dead. pic. twitter. com/HZNbQRI889—
Pierce (@WendellPierce)
In October 25, 2017, Domino\'s 1956 edition of \"Blueberry Hill\" was selected as the National Recording Registry of historical recordings worth keeping at the Library of Congress.
The preservation committee noted that, despite the doubts expressed by his producers, Domino insisted on performing the song, and that the \"New Orleans roots of Domino\'s\" were evident in the changes in Creole, this adds richness and depth to the performance.
\"Domino became a global star, but he remained loyal to his hometown, and his fate was initially unknown after Hurricane Katrina hit in August 2005.
As a result, he and his family were rescued by boat from home, where he lost three pianos, dozens of gold and platinum records and other souvenirs.
Many people wonder if he will return to the stage.
He plans to perform at the New Orleans jazz and traditional music festival in 2006, and he just pays tribute to thousands of cheering fans.
But in May 2007, he returned to the tipicina music club in New Orleans. Fans cheered --
Some people cry. -
When Domino plays \"I\'m walking\", \"it\'s not a shame\", \"Shake, Rattle and Roll\", \"Blueberry Hill\" and a bunch of other hit songs, it\'s
This performance was a highlight in the difficult years.
His wife, Rosemary, for more than 50 years, lost her home and almost all her property in the flood and died in April 2008.
In 2017, 141 photo dominoes moved to Harvey, a suburb of New Orleans, after the storm, but often went to his publishing house, an extension of his old house in the lower nine district, his determination to stay in the city he loves has inspired many people.
\"Fat embodies all the good things about New Orleans,\" his friend David Lind said in 2008 interview . \".
He is very enthusiastic and interesting.
Love, spirituality, creativity, humility.
You won\'t get more in New Orleans than this.
\"Son of little Antoine Domino.
Born on February.
1928. it is a family with nine children.
When he was young, he taught himself the popular piano. -
Ragtime, Bruce and Bougiewoogie --
His cousin left an old man in the house.
Fats Waller and Albert Ammons were the early influencing factors.
He dropped out of school at the age of 14, and while playing and singing at the local juke joints in the evening, he worked in a factory for a few days.
When he was signed by Imperial Records in 1949, Domino played at the Hideaway Club for $3 a week.
He recorded his first song, fat man, behind a small French studio.
\"They called me fat because I weighed 200 pounds,\" he said . \"
\"All the girls love me because I know my way.
In 1955, he broke into the white pop charts with \"Isn\'t this a shame ---
But actually the lyrics are sung like this: \"It\'s not a shame.
The song was gently reported by Pat Boone as \"it\'s not a shame\" and was shaken by cheap tricks a few years later.
Dominoes enjoyed a series of successes in early 1960, including \"being my guest\" and \"I\'m ready \".
Another hit single, I\'m walking, became Ricky Nelson\'s first single.
Dominoes appeared in the rock film \"Girl can\'t help\", one of the first black actors to appear in the Pop Music Festival, starring Buddy Holly and the Everley Brothers.
He also helped bridge rock and other styles ---
Even in the country/West, Hank Williams\'s Jambalaya and Bobby Charles\'s go to New Orleans are recorded.
\"Like many of his peers, the popularity of dominoes in the 1960 s has declined with the popularity of British and psychedelic rock.
Domino told Ebony magazine that he stopped recording because the company wanted him to update his style.
\"I refuse to change,\" he said . \"
\"I have to stick to my style, otherwise it\'s not me.
\"Antoine and Rosemary Domino raised eight children in that crumbling community where he grew up, but they did it in style ---
The white mansion is decorated in pink, yellow and lavender.
The front double doors lead to the atrium with chandeliers on the ceiling and ivory dominoes on the white marble floor.
In 1988, New Orleans seemed to be talking about him, and he reportedly paid two Cadillac and a $130,000 Rolls-Royce in cash --Royce.
When the salesman asked him if he wanted to call the bank for financing, Domino smiled and said, \"I am the bank.
In 1998, he became the first pure rock musician to receive the National Medal of Art.
But he mentioned his age and did not go to the White House to win a medal from President Clinton.
This is typical.
In addition to his rare appearance in New Orleans, he avoided the spotlight in his later years, refused to make public appearances, and even refused to be interviewed.
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