first drive: 2017 honda ridgeline

by:Runcheng Chuangzhan     2019-10-03
Ridgeline is a truck that can take off.
Road, pull the trailer, venture on continental Europe, or just have a great night in town.
The automobile industry is based on continuous innovation and improvement.
But at the same time, after a better choice, the automotive industry tends to rely on old technology for a long time.
Pickup trucks are a good example-why do automakers still produce trucks with ladder frames and solid rear bridges?
More than 100 years ago, Henry Ford made a T-car like this.
The real answer is that it\'s really cheap to make trucks in an old-fashioned way, and truck buyers don\'t mind.
Buyers want trucks to drive like trucks.
As a result, automakers keep their production lines running well and they may do so for many years to come.
But not necessarily.
Honda has been producing Ridgeline-a truck-for several years --
Like mid-term vehicles based on its popular pilot
Crossover SUV size.
Because of this pedigree, Ridgeline is not built like other trucks.
Instead of the classic bodyon-
The frame structure, Ridgeline is built on an integrated platform of steel stamping parts that are welded and bolted together.
This is the main thing you need to know because Ridgeline and other mid-
The size of the truck is based on this fact.
Now Honda has made a major overhaul of Ridgeline to cope with the competition for 2017 vehicles. to-
Head in the middle with the lead
Size pickup trucks for Toyota, GM and Nissan.
The traditional car frame is called the ladder frame because-spoiler alarm-
They look like ladders.
You have two long parallel frame tracks and then a bunch of crossover
Members that connect the main frame tracks together.
That\'s what people used to do.
Pull the car, so early automakers were just in line with what they knew.
But the wheels of the truck play a variety of mechanical levers in four corners, so the ladder frame is distorted when turning and bumping.
Instead, the overall frame can become more rigid due to the roof and cowl arches that reinforce the floor.
Jeff zürschmeder/digital trends there is a possibility to make a series of improvements once the vehicle is designed to shift to a one-in-one structure.
If a traditional truck is using a solid rear axle that we have been using for more than 100 years, it is easy to install a modern suspension on a whole.
Honda\'s engineers are able to install a multi-link independent rear suspension in Ridgeline, which greatly improves driving and handling performance without significantly reducing load
Carrying capacity or traction capacity.
Let\'s get to the point: people who buy trucks want them to work hard.
For direct comparison, please consider the two latest products in the middle
Truck space size.
Both Chevrolet Colorado and Toyota Tacoma have been launched in the past two years, both using traditional bodyon-
Frame design of strong rear bridge.
The maximum traction capacity of these vehicles is 7,000 pounds kilometers in Colorado and 6800 pounds kilometers in Tacoma.
The traction capacity of Ridgeline is 5,000 pounds.
This is enough to cover the 94% traction that people do with mid. size trucks.
Seriously, 5,000 pounds is 20-
On a sailing boat.
A nice half-axle trailer.
Travel trailer or double trailer size
There is the axle platform of the car.
Pulling with Ridgeline is boring, and that\'s the way the traction should be.
If towing is exciting, it\'s a big mistake.
In our test, we drove a ramp for a 4,800 pounds boat and trailer and Ridgeline handled it easily.
The independent rear suspension helps the Ridgeline stay stable and confident, pulling the trailer, and the engine is fully powered.
We also pulled a pair.
There are some ATVs on the shaft platform, the Ridgeline just got up and made the traction experience no. brainer.
The number of competition for the capacity of the bed is closer.
Tacoma will reach 1,620 pounds and Chevrolet will reach 1,630.
The rated weight of 2017 Ridgeline is 1,584 pounds of the bed cargo, but it is more important than the simple weight.
Due to the overall design, Ridgeline has a much smaller, almost residual wheel cover that protrudes to the bed.
This is the only one.
There are more than 4 feet large trucks between wheel arches, so you can put a piece of plywood or drywall on the bed.
The Ridgeline bed is 5 feet from the tailgate, 3 inch from the tailgate and 7 feet from the tailgate.
When we talk about the bed, take a moment to appreciate some of the features.
First, Honda has developed a bed surface that looks like a spray --in liner.
This is an enhanced polymer that can resist abuse.
There is a metal bed for the race and you have to protect it with padding.
To prove the toughness of this material, Honda\'s staff used a spoon loader to drop 1500 pounds of the large stone from about 5 feet to the bed.
Then they took the rock out, and there was no depression on the bed surface, or even almost no wear.
Jeff ancestor de/digital hipster second, the tailgate also swings outward like the door to bring you closer to the bed.
This brings us to point 3-because the unibody chassis gives Honda some work space, there is a \"suitcase\" under the back end of the bed \".
It is made of plastic and will hold a large 82-
You can also pour the ice inside.
There is a drain on the bottom of it.
Spare tires are also below so you never have to dive under the truck to change the tires.
Finally, the spine can be selected with speakers on the bed.
They are behind the bed Wall and actually use the bed material as the speaker cone.
The sound is great if you like this stuff.
Something different and unique about Ridgeline doesn\'t stop with the chassis and the bed.
The transmission system is fundamentally different from other trucks.
And all the competition.
The size truck offers a V6 engine as an option, 3. 5-
Honda V6, 280 hp 262, is the standard model. feet of torque.
It\'s a little less horsepower and torque than Colorado or Tacoma, but Honda won fuel economy with 25 miles of highway, 18 miles of city and 0 to 60 acceleration. 5 seconds.
Engine performance is similar to that of a competing truck because Ridgeline is basically a front-end-wheel-drive vehicle.
This is a fatal sin for many pickup car owners, but at any trim level it only costs $1,800 to upgrade to AWD, so most buyers will choose this system.
Toyota and Chevrolet offer a traditional four-wheel drive system, that is, they are after-Wheel-
Drive the vehicle, add a moving box to the transmission system.
This means that you run around in RWD most of the time and then join 4WD when needed.
Technically, GMC Canyon has an optional completetime on-
AWD is needed, but not Chevrolet Colorado.
One of the benefits of the four-wheel drive system is that you can put it in a lower range and crawl on very rough terrain, Honda doesn\'t.
But unless you\'re really off work
Roading, you have to think about it if you really need it.
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Electronic driving-
After control the differential transmits the power to any wheel that can use it.
The independent rear suspension helps to keep all wheels installed, so the power delivery is great whether on the road or on the road.
By using a torque vector, Ridgeline offers great traction, as well as impressive crawling capabilities.
Drivers can choose the power delivery mode for sand, mud or snow, changing the power delivery strategy and the traction control settings. This is an SUV-
Type AWD system, but it works well in practice
World truck driving
One place where Ridgeline stands above the race is the safety feature.
Because of its SUV tradition, all the modern necessities are there.
You get rear view mirrors, LED headlights, adaptive cruise control, lane hold assist, Road Departure Mitigation, crash mitigation braking, front collision warning, blind spot information, rear cross traffic monitor, and automatic high beam.
Competing trucks offer only a fraction of these features.
Finally, due to the overall structure, Honda expects 5-
Star rating of NHTSA and top safety options for IIHS.
One thing that always makes buyers think of Ridgeline as a truck is the unusual body.
The side of the vehicle is-
Come back all the way from the front fender, the side of the card lathe is tilted down, very nottruck-like way.
Honda\'s truck design has been more traditional this year, which is a good thing.
The bed Fender is now separated from the cab section and the bed Wall is flat from the rear of the cab to the tailgate.
If you want to know, the only cab configuration in Ridgeline is the full four-
Most buyers choose the door cab with five seats.
The interior of Jeff Zurschmeide/digital trend Ridgeline is not notable.
For the tradition of SUV, you will get a great big skylight, which is not common in trucks.
The seat is very comfortable and the touch is very good, but there is a lot of hard plastic.
Infotainment is right there, with navigation and touch screen and everything you might want in addition to the real buttons and knobs.
Overall, the interior is more SUV than the truck.
The FWD base model of Ridgeline starts at $30,375 and the AWD starts at $32,175.
You can still get a lot of features at this price, but this is not the truck you want.
Really, starting with RTL-the best price is $38,630T edition.
This gives you a well equipped car with navigation and 8-
Inch touch screen interface with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.
From there, the technology and security features pile up until you board the top luxury black version for $43,770.
The total price of walking on Ridgeline is no more than $10,000, so it doesn\'t make much sense to be stingy.
Of course, the best value is in the top three of the price range.
At this point, Ridgeline is an expensive truck, but not more expensive than a competitor with the same equipment.
This review provides a lot of technical information about how Ridgeline was built and why it is different from other trucks.
But what you care about is the actual driving experience, which is where Ridgeline really distinguishes itself from its competitors.
Ridgeline is fully capable but still complex.
Most trucks offer a fairly primitive driving experience and minimal comfort compared to a car or SUV, but Ridgeline is smooth and comfortable.
The Ridgeline cab is quieter than the other trucks on the road, and the vehicle absorbs bumps like a passenger car.
The end result of all this is the most livable and comfortable truck you \'ve ever had.
Normally, truck owners will trade comfort and ride quality for utilities, but Ridgeline is a truck you can drive away
Road, pull the trailer, venture on continental Europe, or just have a great night in town.
This is a truck without compromise and can be your only vehicle.
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