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Five reasons to abandon low-priced wooden doors

Five reasons to abandon low-priced wooden doors


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Many people in home decoration value the price very much. But are there really good goods for cheap? Today I will explain, Why not buy wooden doors that are too cheap.

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01 Grade

The wooden door is the "first impression" of the guests entering the house.

The wooden door is the face.

The wooden door also determines the "decoration grade".

If the wooden door is too cheap, It will look very low.

02 Detail

The current wooden door, in general,

High-end wooden doors pay more attention to detail in the design. It is difficult to appear some defects in the production design of wooden doors

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03 Noise

Now people's life and work are particularly stressful. People often have "neurasthenia", Over time, it can cause mental illness such as "depression".

So a "quiet environment", This is especially important for today's professionals.

General wooden doors rarely have sound insulation. So choosing high-end wooden doors can keep you away from the noise.

04 Formaldehyde

"Formaldehyde emission" after decoration, It depends on "customized products". 

Wooden doors are customized products, therefore, environmental protection is very important. 

Doors are important, environmentally-friendly doors, bring a healthy life.

05 Quality

On average, the door is opened and closed about 12-15 times a day,

It is about 4,500 times a year. Wooden doors are "high frequency" products, the quality of the wooden door is "the determinant of service life. 

Due to different prices, there are also differences in materials. In terms of service life, the service life of cheap wooden doors is <high-end wooden doors.

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