flowers, decorations brighten homes for the holidays tour

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Families on this year\'s Hospice wapresent Hospice holiday tour from Manotick to a range of modern and traditional families in Rockcliffe, decorated by local florists while raising money for an important causeThe three-
It\'s been 15 years now, and day event has become a tradition for real estate and design enthusiasts who draw inspiration from the interior of the home and the fresh, fragrant festive decorations.
The first stop of this year\'s Tour is 619 Edison Avenue. in Westboro. This two-
Modern house-floor
The owner of the design and construction, carlinwatson and Victor Elliott-is a light-
Full custom built house reflecting their art and design background.
The exterior of the house is a mix of Italian basalt, Japanese Nichiha cement board and Western Canada red cedar, creating a balance of texture and color. The inside —
Three bedrooms, one loft and four bathrooms-
Suitable for flexible living with smooth disappearing cabinets and clean, highend finishes.
A dramatic cascade glass art device hung on 22-
The foot ceiling reflects natural light flowing from the Upper skylight.
While this is a bright, modern design, it is important for the couple to make sure there are different rooms to ensure privacy and wall space.
\"With the concept of openness, you don\'t have a lot of walls to hang art, which is a consideration when designing space, that is, there are enough walls to hang art, Watson said, his work, decorated on the wall, was created in her lower studio.
The entrance is spacious with large tiled floors leading to the kitchen with Carrera marble, quartz countertops and custom walnut cabinets on the walls of the kitchen.
Floor-to-ceiling windows in the rear lounge can see views of the backyard, down for a year
Outdoor fireplace and outdoor pool.
The Brazilian teak upper deck is equipped with a custom BBQ closet, and the doors protect the chef during cold and windy days.
The lounge is equipped with a horizontal gas fireplace and an overhead projection screen with surround sound, which will play classic black and white holiday movies during the tour.
Elizabeth Young of Flowers Talk flower shop will decorate the house for this trip.
Taking into account the contemporary theme of the family, she will use less traditional work that looks clean and polished.
For example, she will give up the traditional wreath and create a festive atmosphere with \"clusters\" of green and plants, it includes skimmia in Japan, vium in dark blue, rose in Red Heart Garden, blue orchid and blue orchid. C. cedar.
\"It\'s not at the top, and the fireplace glows when it\'s darker at night, and young says:\" The candle is different in height and we did the same thing on the coffee table . \".
\"It\'s very simple. people can do something by themselves.
Watson said she wanted to go home voluntarily because her family had gone through the first trip --
Turn in the support provided by hospice care
\"My dad actually went to hospice, but before that, I worked with a group of interior designers and we always chose hospice as our voluntary fundraiser.
So we have been doing this for the last 10 years, whether it is to help decorate the space, provide the furniture or use the color.
The Ottawa hospice center has three locations in the area, including the May court Hospice Center
Shenkeman hospice and Esther\'s house.
Funds raised from home during the holidays will support programs and services that are free of charge to individuals in life
Limit the disease and their families.
Susan McIntosh, development manager of the Ottawa hospice fund, said that normally, visitors like the diversity of the house and get inspiration from the decor, but, for repeat visitors, this is part of their festival tradition.
\"For some, it\'s just getting together to travel and work at lunch or a glass of wine as a team at the end of the day.
\"Mood mossy flowers and Henrietta southham, a Victorian repairman
Designer Henrietta Southan transformed the upper into a stylish and modern family home.
Bold colors and dramatic decorations add depth and drama to the compact space.
Green barn slab ceiling and blue building-
On the bookshelf, a focal point was created in the family room, while on the broken marble island, the gray chandelier contrasts with the simple but well-dressed lamp
Ikea cabinets in the kitchen.
Large furniture dominates without overwhelming small furniturescale bedrooms.
A private courtyard behind the home provides a perfect place for summer entertainment.
Karen Grand, Grand expectation this is a classic residence on embassy street with a circular driveway with custom made
Double entrance door with built-in mahogany, glass and wrought iron.
Designed by Ottawa architect Greg Manley, this e-Smart House features Bay styling, California shutters, V.
Inch granite fireplace shared with walnut floor and living room and dining room.
There is a spacious and bright kitchen
In the pantry, Granite Island and heated slate floors.
Family room nearby-
Overlooking the tranquil outdoor gardens and waterfalls-
Spacious floor-to-
Stone fireplace with ceiling, two antique flying fans and built in
In the shelves and display cabinets
Spend on TivoliThis\'s modern home balance in Champlain Park with timeless elegance and modern design.
The work of the custom building CanSwede home and the O\'Keefe Florenza design group, these four
Four bedrooms. and two half-
Bathroom floorto-
Luxurious amenities such as ceiling windows and movie theaters.
The stylish black kitchen includes a concrete counter, a marble tailgate, floating shelves and a butler pantry. An open, glass-
The enclosed staircase leads to the luxurious master bedroom with a large deck and an exquisite ensuite that includes an amazing flat-panel marble shower on foot
In the wardrobe and adjacent laundry room.
The hotel also features a professional landscaped courtyard, a custom swimming pool and a cabin with a full bathroom and sauna.
: Hobbin building: Alta Vista Foster Ben luxury Glebe Apartments is located at the corner of Holwood Avenue and Craig Street with a view of the Brown entrance and the capital park from the large terrace
Designed by Barry J.
The construction company behind Hobin.
The contemporary apartment, built by Bateman development, is made of stones, bricks, cedar and copper, integrated with a more traditional community.
Spacious floor plan with two bedrooms and a study with floor designto-
Ceiling windows capture views of the entrance to the entire main living space.
The decor includes the owner\'s extensive collection of art, including a mix of modern and traditional works, paired with a neutral gray tray with color cues.
: If the walls speak, there will be some stories to tell about this gray stone house with mansard roof.
Built in 1947 as the \"town Entertainment home\" of the Quebec timber baron, it was built on an elevated plot with an astone Wall to withstand the usual spring floods of the time.
As the story progresses, the owner often lives in a large apartment on the main floor, while his guests dance late at night upstairs.
In the 1950 s, the house was built into three floors, with two floors.
Bedroom Apartment occupies the top floor and two floors
Bedroom apartment in basement.
It is converted into a single
In 2000 and 16 years later, the current owners partnered with Nick Semanyk of city Keios design to transform the main building into a bright open space
Concept space for floating stairs in the center.
: Cape Cod, FloristThis Stone, Mill Street
Style home to enjoy the original views of the river.
Recently, in order to create open and bright space, it has been re-transformed and comfortable.
Looking forward to the future, owners have created a home that is \"getting older.
There are now two master suites, one on the second floor currently in use and one on the main floor if needed in the future.
Surrounded by lush gardens to complement its surroundings, this hotel is located in a quiet neighborhood of Carlton golf and yacht club, with a quiet location.
This home is further enhanced by the beautiful collection of art displays throughout Canada. : La-Z-
Boy: The rebel petal floral design studio is only a few steps away from Rideau River, and this custom built home offers an atmosphere of a cabin with a view to the boats passing through the Rideau locks system.
This beachfront hotel takes full advantage of the natural environment of the quiet enclave on the winding road and has a luxurious garden leading to the private pier and swimming pool. This home’s 18-
The foot ceiling at the entrance and restaurant creates bright light
A vibrant living space;
The electric outdoor stone fireplace on the deck overlooking the river is ideal for entertainment.
: 2017 vacation tours will be held on November.
Tickets brochures $17, $18, $19 $50.
The brochure allows participants to enter eight tourist homes, holiday pop music-
Shop in the village of gingerbread at the Irish ambassador\'s residence and mercott club/hospice in three days.
Tickets are being sold one after another. 29.
Buy tickets online by calling 613260-2906 ext.
222, or the city\'s ticket outlets.
Check out the website for a complete list of suppliers.
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