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Isabel Allende became a writer with her Zorro version.
She explained to Dan graste.
One day in August 2003, a group of strangers knocked on the door of Isabel Allende\'s house overlooking San Francisco Bay.
The majestic wooden door is open, revealing a small, sparkling --eyed, smooth-
The age-uncertain skin woman, with only a brief resemblance to the photo of the past 20 years decorating the Allende book.
\"We have Zorro,\" the stranger declared . \"\"Yeah? \" she replied. \"So?
\"The Stranger is led by John Gates.
In 1920, Gertz\'s father purchased the rights of the Zorro character from the author of the original dime novel.
Together with Disney, he developed multiple incarnations of the face man.
TV series, comics, feature films-
Before little Getz bought back his rights.
Gertz thought that Zorro had never appeared in serious literature.
So start looking for a writer to fill the background story of the early Zorro;
Like Zorro, someone who knows California very well and can think in Spanish;
People with historical research records;
People who can bring Latin feelings to Mexican mythology --American do-gooder.
So they knocked on Isabel Allende\'s door.
\"I said, \'What are you talking about?
\"I am a serious writer,\" explained the serious writer.
Instead of answering \"no\", however, visitors left a box full of Zorro artwork.
\"So I fell in love with Zorro again because I fell in love with him when I was a child.
He\'s the father of Batman and Superman.
He is the father of all action heroes with dual personality.
Most people have magic.
Zorro only has his own skills.
\"She doesn\'t like to call the job a commission.
\"This is an offer.
We have the character, they say, and you have the talent to write the book.
Are you interested?
I said, okay, we\'re 50-50\'.
That\'s it.
\"The decision to become a writer was previously rejected by Allende.
The prospect of even writing the story of her uncle Salvador Allende did not convince her that he was the former president of Chile and was assassinated in 1973 coups.
\"I can\'t be objective,\" she said . \"
\"I\'m a bad reporter because I can\'t stick to the simple fact that I have to beautify it.
In 1974, she fled her hometown of Chile with her family.
After they arrived in Venezuela, she said, Allende\'s eyes opened.
\"Venezuela is a wild land.
It is green, generous, and very different from Chile.
It is a tropical country, so it has energy that Chile does not have.
Chile is restricted.
I found a voice there and I wouldn\'t have had it if I stayed in Chile.
A letter to the sick grandfather became her first novel, the House of souls.
It makes her the only important figure in the male pantheon in Latin American novels.
Perhaps inevitably, she is marked as a supporter of \"magic realism,\" and the name of Gabriel Garcia Marquez always follows.
The novel, along with love, shadows and portraits in dark brown, eventually became a trilogy.
To Allende\'s delight, Zorro\'s writing work is right for her.
\"It was totally unexpected,\" she said . \".
\"I am very happy to write this article.
No pressure.
My agent was scared. Everybody was.
Why am I doing this?
For the same reason, I will wear masks and costumes and take fencing classes.
\"Her description of the beginning of Zorro as a missionary and Indian hybrid in California is skilled, one page-Spinning, bodice
A remake of impossible duels, impossible adventures, and despicable enemies against the great tide of the 18 th century
The history of the European century and the emerging wealth of the New World.
As she tells it, the story is still a fantastic story.
\"Sometimes people Interview me with this strong, serious attitude and I would say, \'Look, we\'re talking about Zorro, not Che Guevara. Calm down\'.
\"Zorro\'s story was invented by her and she applied the techniques she used in her closest memoir.
While the mention of magic realism can lead to criticism, there is even some magic.
\"Magic realism is not like salt, you can spill it all over,\" she said . \" She hinted at the ice under polite charm.
\"I have written more than 15 books, only a few of which contain elements of magical realism.
But for some reason, Latin American writers who use this method are eventually labeled as magical realism.
But in fact, magic realism is just an acceptance that the world is a very mysterious place and we don\'t know all the answers.
Like Zorro, Allende lived a nomadic life.
Like him, she is an outsider.
Has she ever experienced discrimination against lower-level Latinos in California, and regardless of her origins, she has been ridiculed as Mexican?
\"I\'m Mexican when I\'m walking down the street or shopping at Macy\'s,\" she said . \".
\"Who knows I\'m from Chile?
Of course, when I was driving the Lexus highway, the situation was different.
But when I got off the street, I was just another Latin woman.
Allende is a writer full of superstition and methods.
She always starts a new book in January 8, the date on which she starts the House of souls.
A picture on her desk is a picture of her 27-year-old daughter Paula.
Two years later, in 1992, she died of porphy spots after a year of coma.
Son who lost his loved onesin-
She told me that the law ended up marrying a woman with the same date of birth as her daughter.
Allende wrote a book about her daughter, partly to record her life, partly to heal the pain of her losing loved ones, but the wound still exists.
\"You never give up,\" she said . \"
\"I held her tight.
But the fact is, the brain is dead.
She has a tube and we have to feed her.
The doctor said they had no pain, but how do you know?
There was a time when the doctor said we should pull out the tube, but I can\'t do that because as a mother you will train the child.
Two other photos occupy her desk, portrait of her grandparents, theme of Soul House.
She said: \"I really grew up in a house full of souls, or the soul that my grandmother thought she was calling.
Who knows they\'re here?
It\'s okay.
Without the success of Soul House, I might not be a writer today.
I\'m still trying to make a living (
She is a teacher.
Support a family that I have been doing all my life.
However, the success of this book made me write the second book, and then to the third book, I can give up my daily work and become a writer.
\"The treadmill of the successful writer can confuse her,\" she said.
Things overlap.
Now I am promoting Zorro, but I am writing another book to oversee the translation of another book;
In addition, my book was translated into more than 27 languages, which means that there is always a book published for the first time in places such as Turkey.
So a reporter came here to interview Eva Luna for me, which I wrote more than 20 years ago.
Then I realized that I repeated a lot myself.
These characters may have different names, but they are all the same.
She smiled at herself and smiled easily.
It is imagined that even if a serious writer is at work, she will spend a lot of time laughing.
\"I think I have a very deep memory of some people who are now dead or absent, so I have a lot of memories in my life.
Then she came home.
\"My granddaughter once said that I have a lot of imagination.
I said, \'What is imagination?
You remember what never happened, she said.
\"And then, laughing again.
\"I think that\'s what determines my life. \" -
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