foxrock home with lavish interior hits the market for €2.9m

by:Runcheng Chuangzhan     2019-09-30
When Gerrard and Catherine Hamilton bought patina Hall in the 1990 s, they knew from the beginning that they would tear it down.
They have their own form in this regard.
Catherine said: \"We live at the corner of Henno Road, where we buy a house, tear it down and build another one.
We are ready to do this again, so we bought Patina for the website.
Harmelton lives in the original house.
\"A Warren with a spiral staircase leading to a small room upstairs \"-
Spent a few years with their three children, and they took the courage and financial resources to start this tear
Their new home was demolished in 2001.
Their architect is John O\'Keefe, and they work with him to achieve their vision for the revival of the large independent Tudor --
Spacious rooms and high ceilings are the perfect backdrop for more and more of their antique furniture and light fixtures.
Located at the end of Westminster Road in Mart Lane, Patina Hall is at the back of the electronic gate and is a family home with an ascend sqm.
Hand-made Tudor
Style front door with heavy iron door furniture set the tone for the rest of the house, high chimney, sloping roof and half
Wooden beams, and the whole window is double
According to the Tudor style of the House, glaze and frame with black hardwood floors.
When it comes to the interior, there is no smell, the finish includes the Portland stone floor heated under the floor in the lobby and kitchen, the luxury marble and pewter fireplace in Belle Cheminee, decorative skirts and corn from Italy and Italy
Excellent lighting, including a beautiful antique
Catherine thinks the glass lanterns in the entrance hall may come from Adair Manor.
The restaurant is on the left of the hall, surrounded by an antique French carved stone fireplace with rich dark green wallpaper.
This is a room that can comfortably accommodate a dozen people;
Wine and evening lessons-
The story at night is a bit like a room.
Spacious kitchen with a variety of handmade
Painted cabinets with granite countertops.
It includes some integrated appliances, an island and a storage room, as well as a separate utility room.
Double Door from kitchen to garden terrace.
A few steps from the entrance hall, there is a study room and a comfortable family TV room, as well as a huge living room decorated with rich burgundy red, complete with piano and magnificent fireplace, this is a library overlooking the garden.
This room is a place to leave Cert for study and a quiet place to relax with a good thriller.
There are five bedrooms upstairs, four of which are double rooms.
Three bedrooms are suites and a family bathroom with free toiletries
Roll top bath.
The main suite is a particularly spacious room with French doors leading to the balcony and its own large bathroom and dressing room.
Patina Hall is a generous house that looks interesting to design, and Catherine confirms that there are many parties \"back to the day\", many of which are outdoor parties on two terraces.
\"We even had a barbecue in the snow,\" she said . \" She pointed to the covered part of the terrace next to the house. The 0.
55 acres south-
Facing, nice private, view and good
Well maintained with mature trees
Rose beds and lawns were built.
Gerard also built a beautiful tree house and a separate double garage.
Now, as their families grow
A daughter, Audrey, is an actress in Los Angeles, and others are either flying or will soon escape the Bird\'s Nest --
Gerrard and Catherine are set to scale down.
Catherine said they would love to find something smaller near sandkov.
\"It\'s not a project, it\'s something that needs to be refurbished,\" she said.
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