\'freezing temperatures claimed dog\'s life\' - animal charity\'s warning for pet owners during storm emma

by:Runcheng Chuangzhan     2019-08-12
An animal charity has warned that a dog died after being left outside for the night in the cold.
As Met Eireann is expected to issue a status red weather warning, Storm Emma may bring up to 40 cm of snow to some parts of the country, and pet owners are urged to bring their animals in.
Kara rescue dogs, based in Co Laois, are said to know that a dog died on Sunday night after being left outside in the cold, and they do not want any other animals to suffer.
The group published an article on their Facebook page: \"The Beast from the east claimed it was the first victim.
\"Unfortunately, we were told this morning that their neighbor was sitting outside the back door this morning and found their dog dead.
\"Even though they had a wooden puppy box, they thought it was enough to keep the poor dog warm outside.
\"Unfortunately, these puppy boxes can only cover the wind and rain (If even).
\"The unfortunate owner is not a bad guy. they just think it\'s okay.
When the snow came, they planned to bring the dog in.
\"But unfortunately, the cold temperature last night took the dog\'s life.
\"Kara rescue dogs say they want the story to serve as a warning for other pet owners.
\"We can\'t save the dog right now, but we can try to prevent it from happening to your dog or cat.
They said, \"please bring them in overnight . \"
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