get on pointe with citie ballet at fundraiser for new dancers\' shoes

by:Runcheng Chuangzhan     2019-08-15
Kelly Hart has a serious shoe addiction.
Ballet dancers at the Edmonton Citie ballet wear a $125 pair of pointy shoes every one to two weeks for the company\'s 30 weeks of training each year.
Spending $2,000 to $4,000 a season for Hart\'s shoes and while happy for Hart, the money comes from the ballet budget, not from her own bank account.
That\'s why the art and only fundraising event held on Thursday, May 18 at ATB art warehouse (10330 84 Ave. )
It is one of the most important activities of the troupe.
If you think the Citie ballet has seven female dancers
Three male dancers don\'t wear shoes.
The figure is between $14,000 and $28,000.
\"We rely heavily on the support of the community to help us,\" Hart admits frankly . \".
The fledgling choreographer made her debut in Citie\'s first professional show in the past season, and she has just finished her third year as a dancer in the troupe.
She didn\'t do it for money.
Dancers earn between $400 and $600 a week, depending on their qualifications.
It is impossible to buy your own shoes.
However, there is no more important accessory than art, health and happiness
Better for dancing than shoes. Light-weight, satin-
After the completion, with ribbon, the shoes are fragile, more dotted than tools.
But just as the ballerina looks delicate, the shoes are strong and under great pressure.
The shoes are made of fusion cardboard and leather, bonded together with glue, and are strong and durable (
When knocking on the door, the toe box barks like a wooden door)
And flexible.
The sweat will dissolve the glue over time, helping to shape the shoes into the footprints of each artist.
Without the right shoes, the ballet dancer\'s feet could be hurt further
Nails, calluses and bone joints have been scratched.
Shoes that have \"died\" and lost stability can cause ankles to roll, which is painful and will shorten the dancer\'s career.
Hart, 22, thinks he\'s lucky and has never been hurt by bad shoes or anything else.
Keeping healthy is the key to her career.
Hartoften works 12 hours a day between her professional dance career and other performances, such as teaching dance classes for children, and holding a mine class in the fitness studio.
She is also learning to become a personal coach.
Being a dancer is a job, not a hobby.
In addition, it is a difficult job to combine motor ability with mental toughness.
\"Your body and appearance are under a lot of pressure,\" Hart said . \".
\"It\'s probably very superficial because it\'s all about aesthetics.
If a director doesn\'t like your feet, you can lose your job before they see you dance.
You must realize that this is not personal.
But the return is considerable.
\"When I woke up in the morning, my body was sore and I felt like I wanted a\" normal \"job,\" Hart reflected . \".
\"But then I started moving. I remember that I was very lucky to realize my dream when I was a child.
\"The feeling on the stage is unparalleled.
This is indeed an escape.
It was also very special to hear people say they were moved by the show.
\"Those who want to play a role in this show can buy a $50 fundraising ticket.
Ca, or call 780-903-7030.
The activity began at 5: 30. m.
The Chartier restaurant offers cocktails and snacks, followed by a silent auction and footwear fashion show featuring Poppy uringkunitz shoes, Poppy barley, Shoes of March 1, good luck socks, so beautiful and workplace
Organizers hope to raise $15,000.
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