Glass exterior doors have taken the limelight in the decoration trend in recent years. Whether large or small, you can install glass wooden doors as long as you like. And unlike solid doors, glass exterior doors have good light transmission and can increase the lighting of the room.

The glass wooden door refers to the door whose frame is made of wood and the finish is made of glass. The wooden door added glass not only adds personality to the wooden door but also beautifies the entire home decoration. At the same time, glass wooden doors are also loved by more and more families due to their simple, stylish and beautiful features. Glass wooden doors are mostly used in areas such as kitchens, bathrooms, study doors, etc. The choice of glass wooden door can be combined with the bedroom door, the overall style is consistent, which improves the grade of home improvement.

Glass exterior doors, This is RCCZ's latest exterior doors series, designed to meet diverse needs. Since its launch, praise has continued. The combination of solid wood and glass rationally adjusts the indoor sunlight, and the RCCZ glass exterior doors have a new artistic aesthetic. 

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