Cooperation Time

Cumulative Order Amount

Major Project

Hongyu Property

2015 ~ now

130 million CNY

Jingyu Haoyuan project phase I / II / III
Jingyu Mingdu project 1 × 3-10 × 3 Building
Lishui shilishangdi Nanyuan phase I / II
Guangzhou Hongding building project
Jingyu Jiayuan project

Jinmao Property

2017 ~ now

86.84 million CNY

Supply and installation of indoor decorative wood works of building 21, plot I-29 of Changsha jinmaomeixihu International Plaza residential project
Supply and installation of 18 × building interior decorative wood works of plot I-29 of Changsha jinmaomeixihu International Plaza residential project
Supply and installation of indoor decorative wood works for building 17 and 19 of plot I-29 of Changsha jinmaomeixihu International Plaza residential project

Evergrande Real Estate Group

2010~ now

375 million CNY

Mainly supply to South China, central China, Shandong (part of the buildings: Qidong Evergrande maritime Venice, Nanjing Evergrande riverside, Ningbo Evergrande Huafu, Changsha Evergrande yujingtianxia, Tianjin Evergrande emperor Jing, Weihai Evergrande maritime God Jing, etc.


2014 ~ now

2.8 million CNY

Phase 67 of Guangzhou Jinshan Valley Project of China Merchants real estate
Beikenshan project phase IV
China Merchants lanxigu project

Project Cases

——  Hongyu Property- Wonder Bay Project

Cooperation Time: Year 2014  Amount: 42 million CNY

600,000 ㎡ of pure residential city central market, with about 5000 ㎡ of international teachers kindergarten education facilities, international standard swimming pool, 3D European royal gardens, 7 landscape, 800 m of green corridor.

Hongyu Property- Wonder Bay Project

Tianjin City,China
Evergrande Jade Residence was acquired by Evergrande group for 3.36 billion CNY on December 4, 2013, with a land price of 15,408 CNY / ㎡.


——  Evergrande Century Plaza

Jinan City, China
Evergrande century plaze was built by Evergrande group in 2017, with a building area of 220,000 ㎡ and occupied area of 60,000 ㎡.

Evergrande Venice Resort (Evergrande Hotel)

The north shore of Chongming island in Shanghai

Evergrande Venice Resort is a super-large comprehensive tourism resort, and the construction land of this project is planned to be 5978,600 ㎡.
The total building area is 151,500 ㎡.


——  Jinmao Meixi Lake Project

Binhu District, Changsha City, Hunan Province
The project is positioned as a high-end lakeside residential area, with a total occupied area of about 157,000 ㎡ and a total building area of about 400,000 ㎡. The plot area ratio is 2.54, and the plot ratio of 1st phase project is 1.74, and the greening rate in the plot is as high as 40%. The lobby of the 1st phase is 6 m high, and the lobby of the B1 floor is 5.6 m high, all of which are hardcover.


——  Wuhan East Lake Jinmao Palace 1st Phase

Yangchun Hu Station, Wuhan
The hotel is  designed by top foreign designer. With a total construction area of 80,000  ㎡ , the building is 108 m high and 26 floors in total.

Qingdao Star River Project

Chengyang District, Qingdao City
Project plans a total investment of 15 billion CNY, covering an area of 800,000 ㎡, with a total construction area of 2 million ㎡.

Tianyu Horizon Project

Times Property, Wuhan City
The project is located in the core of the Qiaokou district. It is the intersection of Wuhan light rail line 1 and subway line 3.


——  Qiankun International Hotel Project

Hubei Qiankun Group, Xiaogan City
The hotel is invested by Hubei Qiankun Group and designed by top foreign design companies. With a total construction area of 80,000 ㎡, the building is 108 m high and 26 floors in total.


——  Huawei Dongguan Songshan Lake Project (European Town)

Huawei Technologies Co Ltd, Dongguan City, Guangdong Province

HUAWEI "Songshan Lake" project is located in Dongguan Songshan Lake high-tech industrial development zone, covering an area of about 1382,000 ㎡, with a total investment of more than 10 billion CNY.

Huawei Wuhan Optics Valley R&D Base

Huawei Technologies Co Ltd
Wuhan East Lake High-tech Development Zone
The project has been under construction since 2012, covering an area of about 372,000 ㎡ . The construction area of the newly built R&D building and related supporting facilities is about 530,000 ㎡, with an investment of about 5 billion CNY.


——  Huawei Yangmei Hotel

Huawei Technologies Co Ltd, Yangmei, Bantian, Shenzhen
Huawei hotel and apartment business relies on Huawei's travel and accommodation needs in China to build middle and high-end hotels and apartments.


——  Park Mension Project

Tianjin City
It's a new masterpiece of Tianjin merchants property along Haihe river. Merchants property is one of the three core industries of China Merchants Group.


——  Tianjin Bacon Hill Project

Tianjin Bacon Hill
Project is located on the last piece of land of TEDA MSD. The residential area borrows from the original BEACON HILL residential area, which is the most expensive one in Boston in USA, and invites Boston urban planning builders to build with pure humanistic style.

Overseas Project Cases

Seef Terrance Residential Building


——  Cambodia One Park

Located in Phnom penh, capital of Cambodia, is the first cultural residence sample.


Trident Marina Appartment.


Cochin Skyline Legend.


Pvs Appartment.

50 Crossroads is located at the YMCA Crossroads in Calicut, India.
The project produced by PVS Builders & Developers, aims to elevate the standard of luxury living to an unprecedented level. In our opinion, good design has a positive impact on life. As a result, we gathered the nation's top architectural teams to work together on this landmark project.
The project was built by one of south India's leading architectural teams, N. M. Salim & Associates. In previous design works, N. M. Salim & Associates has won four international awards for its highly innovative public space design, which has been widely published in many international newspapers. In this project, Collaborative Architecture, one of the well-known design studios in India, participated in interior decoration design and planning.

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