gold coast backyard dug up in murder probe

by:Runcheng Chuangzhan     2019-09-19
This is an ordinary family home in half
But police believe it could be a secret about a mother\'s alleged murder.
Investigators spent Wednesday digging up a Tutt in the back yard of Mount Nison that might contain the body of Novi chauden.
Car parts were found.
The man who lives in the property knows the husband of the missing woman, John Chaden, but the police will not disclose the details.
Campbell MacCallum, a lawyer for the resident, said his client told police that some items were buried in his backyard but denied any connection to the Chardon case.
He\'s a little unhappy-
\"He denied being involved in anything,\" Mr MacCallum told reporters outside the house . \".
Mr. Chardon denies 34-year-old Indonesian-
The wife, who was born a year ago, was missing and is said to be on a business trip in Indonesia.
But he has yet to hear from investigators about the excavation.
Neighbors say they saw white ute buried here early last year.
A neighbor who did not want to be named told AAP, \"The car will sit in the yard for about a week before being placed underground . \".
Another neighbor, David ayscoough, said the house was occupied by the man, his partner and their little daughter, a friendly family who quietly did business.
\"They never brought us any drama before,\" he told AAP . \".
\"But it\'s a bit dramatic.
\"The house looks like an ordinary family home with a large wooden children\'s playground next to the driveway.
Two large Buddha statues stand near the large wooden double front doors, and there is a overturned trolley in the front yard behind the retaining wall.
A stone driveway leads to the backyard where police have been digging.
Supsupt Dave Hutchinson said police have not had any information so far that the remains of Chardon\'s MS are in the buried car, adding that police have not decided whether to contact char or not
Two days after Chardon MS disappeared on February 2013, her separated husband flew to Indonesia.
Because their mother was not there, a business trip was arranged with their two children.
Police interviewed Mr. Chardon about his wife\'s disappearance after returning from Indonesia.
Police said he was not a suspect.
After an interview with the police, Mr. Chardon said that he did not do anything to his wife and did not know where she was.
Her Volvo 4WD was found a week after her disappearance near the Nerang train station, more than 20 km kilometers from the upper Kumara home.
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