governor\'s mansion has new mission bicentennial renovation enhances tours, \'visitor experience\'.

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Signature: Jean Murphy Daily Herald reporter as part of a two-year memorial in Illinois-
Illinois governor\'s residence in Springfield-
Has been resurrected from the previous state of old age and will reopen daily public tours on Saturday, July 14. Gov.
Bruce Launer and First Lady Diana Launer will officially reopen the mansion to the public at 10: 30 a. m. m.
Ceremonies and public tours led by mansion curator Justin brandeford and professionally trained doctors will follow and the mansion will be closed at 4m.
The public is welcome and encouraged to participate, Blandford said.
Tickets will be provided in person starting at 9. m.
On July 14, in the case of themansion.
All visitors over the age of 5 will be required to show printed tickets for the tour.
Tickets will show a specific tour time and the tour will be at 20-
Minute increments.
The mansion will also extend its business hours from 10. m. to 4p. m.
, Regular tour time on Sunday, July 15, then 1 to 4 pm.
The Daily will begin on Monday, July 16.
The Italianate-
Illinois governor\'s building, designed by Chicago architect John M.
Van Osdel and completedin 1855 have been included in the National Register of Historic Square in 1976.
It is one of the state\'s oldest historic residences, the official residence of each governor and his family, and one of the three oldest successive occupied governors in the United States.
\"From 18 to 39, the governor of Illinois called Springfield his hometown, when the capital moved from Vandalia to Springfield, and the Assembly passed legislation requiring the governor to be in office.
The state provided housing for the governor, initially the home of the first family in the state --
According to the state\'s website, the buildings owned also accommodate the public works council. \". In 1855, Gov. Joel A.
Matteson asked the Legislature to build a new administrative residence that would accommodate his family and state activities.
The General Assembly approved the request of the governor to allocate $18,000 and to hire van osdell to design it.
Matteson and his family moved here in January 1856.
The executive building soon became the center of Springfield\'s social events with wedding and holiday parties.
Visited a variety of key figures in American history and culture, including digital residents, Civil War generals.
William Sherman bill Buffalo Cody and Anne Oakley
The mansion has been renovated several times over the years.
At 1889, exterior red bricks were painted in a light stone color to mimic the White House.
Eight years later, on 1897, a porch was added to the front, and the original stove on the roof was closed and hidden (
But you can still see it from the magnificent round staircase inside).
Then, in 1917, the architectural style of the building transitioned to Italy.
However, time and weather have always been enemies of the building.
By 1961, the Illinois House introduced a bill to build a new executive residence, which was so bad.
But the Conservatives strongly oppose the idea of restoring and protecting the building as a historic site.
So Richard Ogilvy, then governor, set up a committee to look at the feasibility and cost of the renovation.
In the end, he determined that the price was too high and that the Commission\'s plan would undermine the historical integrity of the building.
In 1971, Ogilvieinitiated launched a $3 million effort to restore the focused mansion from the original 1855 building.
The project also includes 24,000. square-
In addition to the south half of the mansion, private living areas are provided for the governor, expanded kitchen and office.
These are almost the last upgrades to the mansion before the current renovation.
The building is out of repair again.
In addition, the bad weather at the beginning of 2014 for the revised H-
Due to the poor roof and poor drainage around the foundation, the building was formed.
In fact, a few feet of water flowed into the basement. Gov.
Rauner and his wife decided to take some steps to fix the building\'s fallen plaster, peeling paint and unusable elevators, so in early 2015 they promised to fix it with private funds
\"I hope this is a proud place,\" Rauner said . \".
\"This belongs to the people of the country. it should be the country.
\"The mansion was finally closed to the public in January.
2017 so that it can be restored to its former glory.
\"The house is a symbol that the local community appreciates when the governor and his family live here and are very interested in talking to citizens in local restaurants.
\"The Rauners understand this,\" said brandeford, who became the new curator of the building in the medium term. June.
The $15 million renovation is a \"conscious homeowner approach\" because it not only focuses on fixing 16-
The building and interior decoration of the guest room building, but also use antique works to decorate the mansion, and use modern double buildings to improve the energy efficiency of the building
Window glass and new energy-
Efficient roof, and other improvements.
Outside, the use of permeable paving and new landscapes will remove the water from the foundation.
\"This is a comprehensive project,\" Blandford said . \".
For example, for the first time, the mansion was completely accessible from front door to door and the entire structure, and the lamps and lanterns and furniture and works of art bound by water and time have been repaired, renovated and repaired.
\"In addition, artisans and companies in Illinois are consciously looking for items that need to be purchased or made for them.
For example, the double front door is bent inward and is made of mahogany and oblique cut glass.
This was handmade by a craftsman in El Paso.
Similarly, the steel pillars that will be used for traffic control within the building are hand-made by Springfield\'s SelvaggioSteel, Blandford said.
In order to maintain and provide luxury houses, a non-profit Illinois Executive Mansion Association was established to raise funds.
Since the establishment of the association, First Lady Diana Launer has been the female president of the Association, leading private fund-raising activities.
\"I like to see history become vivid through architecture, and this mansion is certainly a place where history can become vivid,\" said Diana Launer . \".
When we came to Springfield, the mansion was unable to tell a coherent story.
\"Thousands of citizens have donated money to save the mansion,\" she said. Chicago-
The architect of Vinci Hamp was hired to undertake the mission of supervising the restoration of the monument.
Diana Launer said: \"The people of da Vinci hampu put their heart and soul into the project, even found the historically appropriate items on eBay, and put the finishing touches to save money.
As the project approached completion, the mansion was given a new mission based on the tourist experience.
The original kitchen and laundry room of the hotel have become the center of the tourists.
Space is dedicated to historical events such as the Columbia Fair and the governor of Illinois, starting from the Civil War era.
There is aspace dedicated to the display of art and artifacts.
The building\'s first exhibition, Illinois art, also opened on July 14, featuring more than 100 artworks from Illinois artists.
The exhibition will feature art and decorative arts generously donated by Illinois museums, organizations and individuals, as well as industrial art, including the Chicago Museum of History, the Illinois Heritage Collection at the Illinois museum, and the PeoriaRiverfront Museum.
From January 2019, Illinois art will be on display in the building seven days a week.
\"It is worth noting that Springfield\'s website has gradually expanded the number of days and hours of operation in the past few years,\" Blandford said . \".
\"In Lincoln\'s 2015 graves, there are seven days a week.
The old State Council began in 2016. day-a-week schedule.
The same was true for Frank Lloyd Wright Dana building in 2017, and now, on 2018, the governor\'s residence will also be open seven days a week.
\"We believe that this will bring positive economic changes to Springfield\'s tourism industry, and Rauners believes that interest in the past will inspire future generations to pursue a bright future.
Governor\'s residence of Illinois-
The theme course will soon be available online to teachers across the state, so that even those who cannot travel to Springfield can enjoy the mansion and its rich history.
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