grenfell tower flat doors \'could only withstand fire for half the time expected\'

by:Runcheng Chuangzhan     2019-09-16
Investigators found that the flat doors of Grenfell Tower can only stop the fire for half the time they should.
Experts acting on behalf of the Metropolitan Police station tested a intact front door in the West London neighborhood and found it affordable for 15 minutes --
Not 30 designed for it. Seventy-
On June 14, a fire destroyed the residential building, killing one person.
Scotland Yard announced new developments and said police are continuing a large-scale investigation into the cause of the fire.
It said in a statement: \"The Metropolitan Police is conducting a full investigation into what happened in Grenfell Tower on last June.
\"We have already described that after our forensic examination on site, we will be tested in different places on behalf of experts.
\"As part of the survey, experts tested a flat front door taken out of Grenfell Tower.
The tested door was designed to resist the fire for 30 minutes, but during the Test it was only found to resist the fire for about 15 minutes, much shorter than expected.
\"The forensic examination and testing phase is in progress and we are unable to comment on the potential or other effects that any test results may have on the entire criminal investigation.
\"We have shared this information with the housing, community and local government departments as appropriate government departments so that they can take any necessary action.
\"Housing Minister Sajid Javid will issue a statement on the 11 th.
30am, understand.
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