Guangdong Runcheng chuangzhan wooden door factory shares some factors for purchasing wooden doors

by:Runcheng Chuangzhan     2019-12-18
Guangdong Runcheng chuangzhan wooden door factory shares some factors for the purchase of wooden doors. Many consumers know little about how to choose wooden doors and wooden door selection methods. They are not active in selecting wooden doors and can only passively listen to the seller's words. The wooden door market has been in an unprecedented period of prosperity. The wooden door products in the building materials city are dazzling, which makes us have more room to buy, but how can we buy a satisfactory wooden door? In addition to considering the security factors of theft prevention, the entrance door of functional factors can choose wooden doors with beautiful appearance, firmness and heavy feeling; The bedroom door mainly considers privacy and creates a warm atmosphere, so it mostly adopts a door type with weak and solid light transmission; The door of the book should choose the door type with good sound insulation effect, good light transmission and strong design sense. For example, the wooden door with ancient window edge pattern can produce simple and elegant book fragrance; The kitchen door should choose the door type with waterproof and good sealing property, so as to effectively block the lampblack generated during cooking; Toilet doors mainly focus on privacy and waterproof factors. Quality factors it is impossible for consumers to go to the manufacturer to stare at the production process of wooden doors, but the quality of products can be evaluated by simple image inspection methods. Stroking the frame, panel and corner of the door with your hand requires no scratching, soft and delicate; Then stand on the side of the door to see if there are bumps on the paint surface of the door panel. With these two methods, consumers can basically buy wooden doors with good appearance. Environmental factors are beautiful in appearance, and it is also very important to be environmentally friendly. When purchasing, consumers can first open the closed package and probe in to smell whether there is any pungent smell. If people shed tears and sneeze, formaldehyde emission is relatively high. Remind consumers that most wooden doors that exceed the standard of harmful substances release use cheap artificial plates, so the price of the whole set of wooden doors is often extremely low. Due to the large amount of inferior glue used in cheap artificial boards, the amount of various harmful substances released is seriously exceeded, so it is necessary to guard against low-cost traps. Brand factor consumers should try their best to choose manufacturers with good brand reputation. By checking the relevant qualification certification of manufacturers, they should check whether the relevant industry standards are complete and whether the release of various harmful substances is within the scope allowed by the standards, to measure the quality of its products. Before the wooden door is sent to the home for installation, pay attention to the final check by checking the internal materials of the door lock hole.
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