helen chesnut: late snowfall wreaks havoc in garden

by:Runcheng Chuangzhan     2019-09-12
It\'s too much for birds and broad beans.
At the beginning of the month, on the day of my column babbling about the sound of early air and spring in the air, I ventured into the driveway to look for the Morning Post and walk into the 20 cm thick snow.
An hour after cleaning up the long driveway, I came to the local farmers market once a week and the shabby Saturday.
In both activities, the presence of suppliers has been significantly reduced from the usual crowded lobby.
Early morning in spring
The wild animals in the garden are quiet like birds, and it seems that they are starting to move.
In the middle of the night, before digging myself out, I woke up to monitor the snow through the glass door on the well.
In the thick snow, I saw the fattest raccoon I had ever seen dragging through the patio and down the central path into the back garden. Fat-
The big belly Robin Bird and the group of birds fly under the big cuckoo next to the patio.
On the other side of the House, in the front, the life of birds is colorful, just like the creatures sheltered in the wide places --
Spread the strawberry tree in the soil of the brick machine extending in front of the House and scratch the seeds.
Alas, everything is not so beautiful in the garden after the snow.
A precious and beautiful Fremontia next to the front door has fallen down and its branches fall on the driveway.
Before pulling it upright back and generously trimming its root zone with compost, I had to cut it drastically.
The best hope.
This is cute and shallow.
In the rain and wind of November, the rooted shrubs have fallen twice and survived.
Not sure this time.
Other shrubs have lost their neat shape and are cut down with the weight of the snow.
Next to my front door, a previously neat, wide oval gold cone spineer was in a mess.
I will try to pull it together and fix the rope around it in the hope that its shape will be roughly restored to its original beautiful shape, which will remind the plants how it behaves. Other splayed-
Plants, including my biggest lemon Cypress and long cherished winter daphne, may reshape their shape more effectively by pruning.
With Daphne, I will wait until it blooms for the third time.
Notes to the seed catalog.
On a winter night, flip through the new seed and Garden catalogue and inevitably find some lists that are particularly noteworthy.
This is a sample of my last perusals. T&T Seeds (ttseeds. com)
ACanadian family
A company of 72 years.
Red Pepper. Compact (25-cm)
Plants Suitable for containers, red, 12-cm, bell-shaped fruits.
I will try red skin on the terrace this summer.
Mohawk is a plant similar to the orange pepper.
The dwarf feels the universe is short (60-cm)
The popular form of biography heir has won all
The United States won the gold medal in 1936.
The traditional feeling is 90 to 100 cm tall.
Zinnia Zahara Sunburst, a glorious deep gold and orange --
Red flowers on the 35 th
Cm stem is a gold medalist in European Fleuroselect. W. H. Perron (whperron. com)
It used to be dawn seed House.
The catalogue shows new and new vegetables, herbs and flowers on the introduction page.
Make the little peas purple.
A dwarf plant, up to 60 cm high, good for containers, with a purple bi-
Colorful flowers and a crop of peas.
Marino is a compact coriander (cilantro)for containers. Princess Snow.
An unusual golden calend flower with double and half portionsdouble, cream-
A slightly colored white flower that grows from a pale yellow bud.
A winner of the Fleuroselect award. • Orchid cream.
One of the various variants themed on cream and red. Striking. • Sombrero. A 35-
Cm tall zin grass single half
Double flowers with \"blood red\" center and tip of deep yellow petals. • Navarino.
Perron is the only simple current source I know.
Grow, beautifully shaped, taste-rich carrot.
Along with Nelson and Naples, this is a personal favorite carrot for a long time.
Garden meeting.
The island rose Association will meet on Monday, February.
20, from 6 to 8 p. m.
North Nanaimo Library is located on Hammond Bay Road.
MORE: 250-390-2805.
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