help me choose farmhouse paint colors

by:Runcheng Chuangzhan     2019-10-03
I know BHB likes to do interior design.
So I ask you to help me. . .
We just bought a beautiful old farm.
The house has a good character, good condition, good internal skeleton and bad paint color.
Does this include wallpaper? ?
u200d♀We keep a lot of originality but are also updating.
There are new carpets in the bedroom.
Scrape the wallpaper and painting.
New light fixtures.
But keep the original wooden door, hardwood floor, decoration.
I\'m at the point where I need to start picking the paint color.
I have a rough idea of what I want, but I need to decide the details.
The kitchen and dining room is a large open room.
I want \"sage gray\" in this room\"
This is for sure.
There is a small bathroom next to the kitchen.
I would like the light gray of this room.
But the real Gray. Suggestions?
Next to the kitchen is my small office.
I know nothing about the color of this room.
The office leads to the living room, then the game room.
Again, I want the gray one.
But I\'m not sure which one is gray.
The laundry room is left. I want the slate blue here.
All window treatments are pure white curtains in each room.
I think I\'m looking for gray advice.
And the color of the office.
The office needs to be equipped with living room ash and mouse ash.
If you can forgive the chaos of moving, I will take some photos and upload them. ?
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