here is economic proof that it’s officially stupid to live in vancouver

by:Runcheng Chuangzhan     2019-10-03
When the story is reported, the absolute cheapest property in downtown Vancouver is.
450 square feet, near meh, there doesn\'t seem to be a parking space, and the listing Realtor doesn\'t even bother to post any photos.
It\'s easy to lose perspective on how expensive Vancouver has become. Below, a round-the-
What else can a $350,000 CDN buy?
If it is located on the hills of Hollywood, it is likely to receive at least an Oscar.
Located two hours north of Pretoria, the hotel features a swimming pool, a large terrace, and three
The garage and enough Gardens effectively constitute a private park.
And only $288,440 CDN.
However, since this is South Africa, Canada usually retains a certain level of security for military bases.
Starting in 1848, this is a Greek Revival building, only a few steps from the picturesque city center, which will make Walt Disney proud.
It is located in Angelica, New York, and has a carriage house, unlike most of the carriage houses mentioned in the real estate list, which at one point actually holds the carriage.
It even has a damn ballroom.
The garage in Vancouver is more expensive than this place.
At the moment, there are hundreds of Spanish villas on the market for less than $350,000, but the villa is best for buyers to pretend to be Ernest Hemingway.
, It has 12 bedrooms, four bathrooms, right in the middle of the narrow stone street that has barely changed since the Middle Ages.
Ireland now has a number of bars for sale and the surprising price is less than $350,000.
This, the maiden, can.
Centrally located in castleia (
The birthplace of Oscar Wilder\'s father)
It includes an additional four
The bedroom house and a special liquor permit allow the owner to start supplying Guinness at 7. m.
Although it doesn\'t go completely with the wind, it has all the usual decorations of the Southern mansion: big stairs, chandeliers, restaurants, libraries.
The $370,000 CDN, admittedly a little more expensive than the above-mentioned list price for single apartments in Vancouver, but the mortgage may be supplemented by Airbnb revenue.
Located in Roswell, New Mexico, it was originally the home of an Atlas missile, and if the Soviet Union came here, it would be drenched in rain to death and destruction.
The property is now 2,500 square feet of underground reinforced living space with 95-
There\'s a deep silo next door.
\"A lot of potential uses,\" read one of the U. S.
The current price is equivalent to $364,000.
The property was snapped up in 2015, but due to decades of Cold War nuclear deadlock, there should be similar prices in the future market.
In 1901, in the Dawson City construction boom triggered by the gold rush in Klondike, the building is a famous frozen building in Dawson City --in-time downtown.
On the dirty streets and boardwalk, there\'s an old-
Timi casino and transfer-of-the-
Just a few steps from Century juggling theater.
Currently used as a guest house, priced at $300,000.
When William H.
Van Epps\'s house was built before the Civil War.
It is said that when Abraham Lincoln gave a speech in the town, his eyes might even get into the house by mistake. Now, the U. S.
The National Historic Site Directory sees this mansion as an \"outstanding example\" of Italian architecture \".
At a, its cost is slightly higher than the $350,000 CDN.
However, there is still hope in our budget: in cities that do not have Vancouver, property buyers often offer prices below the price tag, not more.
Vancouver has no more access to the waterfront than this.
Third floor, fifth floor
The brick structure of the bedroom can see the sea view from every door and window, and even equipped with a nearby seaside land, allowing the coast to enter.
The only major drawback is that someone disabled foghorn.
In fact, there are hundreds of historic countries in the United States. S.
But it is worth mentioning that it costs less than 350,000 CDN.
1887 Rohlfing House is located in Attica, Indiana. it is a museum with stained glass windows.
Interior panel and metal cornice.
Large-scale renovations have also been carried out recently.
Somehow it\'s only available for $340,000 CDN. This is a repairman.
Yes, upper.
The property is essentially a pile of ruins in a remote corner of Scotland.
That said, it\'s a real 500-year-
You can see the ancient castle of the sea.
The list, witnessed by British masons, points out that the structure is still strong enough to be fully restored to a livable home.
There are a lot of people who dream of escaping to an affordable jurisdiction, but they are worried about finding a job if they leave.
Y solves these two problems: it is both a spacious new home and a new job.
Located in the small town of B. Salmo. C. , this seven-
Units listed for $314,900 motel promises have-
Established a fixed customer base.
For only $240,000, you can buy a, which is half the size of Vancouver Stanley Park.
Right next to Atitokan in Ont. (the self-
Declared \"canoes of Canada \")
There are several kilometers of river-facing areas, as well as abundant forestry and mineral resources.
Essentially, it\'s a Stanley Park with no crowds and no parked cars to rest --ins.
\"Build your cabin in the right position overlooking the river, except for those who occasionally canoe, you won\'t see anyone,\" The list reads . \". This is .
It is surrounded by white sandy beaches and turquoise waters.
There are small villages with huts, bars and main houses.
It has no mosquitoes, no sand flies, and the constant breeze keeps it cool.
It is basically a typical paradise with a market price of $308,000.
The price is around $500,000, which is beyond our price range.
However, this is the $114,000 CDN.
All the old mine structures and the remains of the old tram are still there.
This is the home of Evansville, Indiana, for the filming of the TV series \"Rosanne\".
In addition to that, it has little connection with the program (
Shot on a stage in Los Angeles. .
That said, this recently sold only $170,000 CDN.
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