High-end original wooden door purchase Guide

by:Runcheng Chuangzhan     2019-12-06
The original wooden door is a wooden door made of selected natural wood. According to the material, process and use, it can be divided into many types. It is widely used in civil, commercial buildings and residential buildings, and is also the theme of the pursuit of green and environmentally friendly home products. In the home decoration, the original wooden door is getting more and more attention. From the simple on-site production in the past to the purchase of finished wooden doors like the choice of furniture, what are the high-end original wooden doors? The selection of raw materials and auxiliary materials directly determines the quality of the original wooden door. At present, the technology of high-grade wooden doors is mostly solid wood composite, which not only maintains many advantages of natural solid wood, but also avoids the defect that solid wood is easy to deform and crack. The core part of the door leaf adopts high-quality white pine dried in a drying kiln, which can avoid cracking and deformation of the finished door due to excessive moisture content; The middle part is divided into 5mm thick MDF; The surface is imported solid wood veneer. Whether the wooden door is environmentally friendly, it is also very important to use glue. It is recommended to ask the salesperson when purchasing the wooden door, the brand and index of the glue. As a professional large wood door manufacturer, Runcheng chuangzhan wood industry has Sander, edge banding machine, polishing, Hot Press, automatic painting, numerical control machining center, etc. The scale and strength of the manufacturer can be accurately judged from the equipment. The processing cycle of really high-grade wooden doors on the market at present is 20 to 30 days. Compared with panel furniture, the door process is more complicated, requiring more than 30 processes such as wood drying, rough machining, sanding and edge sealing to ensure the smoothness of the door leaf and silky paint like a mirror. The door is opened several times with high frequency, so the choice should not only consider the shape and environmental protection, but also the quality and durability.
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