High-grade wooden door is how to choose?

by:Runcheng Chuangzhan     2020-06-16

high-grade wooden door with the nature of good, of course the price also is higher, there are a lot of businesses will be like the following wooden door manufacturer say high-grade wooden door for everyone is how to choose?

1, high-grade wooden door to durable deformation

to make high-grade wood durable without deformation, must choose carefully drying solid wooden keel, internal filling material structure is reasonable, in line with the principle of mechanical stress offset, in order to make sure the appearance deformation within the prescribed scope. The state appearance index points senior, intermediate, general grade three standard. Good quality high-grade wooden door through hot pressing molding technology, real wood sealing side machine mechanical sealing side, sanding machine flat sanding, ensure its smooth, firm and beautiful.

2, see the product specifications and decorative

choose the high-grade wooden door a look artificial veneer, namely model and paint colour; 2 see that toxic substance content; Three see material pledge is real wood material; Four work, whether custom size and fit. If your bedroom is decorated is the traditional Chinese style, can choose beautiful case or economical flat door and wooden door splint spelling a flower door. The door surface level off, the bottom of shallow depth, rich decorative effect. Do some families choose by decorating a door frame and door cover, the upper gate of Chinese style carve patterns or designs on woodwork, outsourced to the producers of carve patterns or designs on woodwork. But it is buried a problem to paint. Because of a door is made by two, whether painting unity is a question. But if outsourced to Chinese style door producers, the cost is expensive.

3, the door of the material and the need to coordinate domestic outfit

it is known that most now in the market of high-grade wooden door with deal or entrance fill material is door core framework, apply is medium density board and solid mumupi, after high temperature hot pressing, which is called 'solid wood composite door'. And consumers in the eyes of the so-called 'full', as a result of price reason, generally used for materials only a small number of varieties and parts, such as local like batten, sealing side, even is imported advanced European high-grade wooden door.

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